SampleRobot 6 Pro new video tutorials

Thanks to one of our long-time users, Jürgen Moßgraber, there are new SampleRobot 6 Pro video tutorials online.

SKYLIFE SampleRobot 6 Pro released

Today we are very happy and feel proud to announce the official release of SampleRobot 6 Pro which is a giant leap in the history of SampleRobot.

SKYLIFE SampleRobot Montage now available

It's launch time! We are very glad that SKYLIFE SampleRobot Montage has been released by Yamaha for all Montage users. SampleRobot Montage samples ...

SampleRobot Montage available mid of August

We would like to give you the best user experience when downloading and activating SampleRobot Montage. Therefore we have rescheduled our release d...

SKYLIFE announces new SampleRobot 6 line-up

We are very glad to announce a completely new version of SampleRobot. Even if not produced by the Tyrell Corporation our 6th generation SampleRobot...

FM Sampling / Musikmesse 2018

Did you know that AudioKit Pro used SampleRobot to sample all the legendary YAMAHA DX and TX sounds that you can experience with FM Player?Here is ...

Namm 2018 revisited / Videos

SKYLIFE announces The SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition at the NAMM 2018.

SampleRobot 6 in the Production Pipeline / Namm Show / Grace Period

Today we are very proud to announce the new generation of SampleRobot. Not Nexus but Version 6 will come with a completely rebuilt sampling engine ...