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Reviews and Reports


AudioKit Pro used SampleRobot to sample all the legendary YAMAHA DX and TX sounds that you can experience with FM Player.

Here is what Matthew Fecher, maker of the FM Player and Director of Product for AudioKit Pro, thinks about SampleRobot:

"SampleRobot is absolutely essential to my music and development process. We couldn't have built the award-wining FM Player iPad app without SampleRobot. Thanks!"


Author Felix Baarß from German web music magazine delamar reviewed SampleRobot 5 Pro in July 2016.

Translated quotes:

"Support of additional export formats is highly appreciated, Skylife ramped up tidily."

"Here we have a highly complex and also powerful application to create sound libraries out of electronic sound sources."

"This is a must-have for all who would like to create big sample-based (multi-)instruments for various formats."

SampleRobot 5 Pro is rated with VERY GOOD, 4.5 stars out of 5.


In the issue cm231 (July 2016) of Computer Music SampleRobot 5 Pro was bestowed the Computer Music Performance Award.

Author: Owen Palmer

"Sit back and let this powerful app clone your hardware or software instruments."

"We're blown away by the range of sampler formats that SampleRobot can export to."

"We can safely say that SampleRobot does everything it's supposed to do, and does it well."

"It has the potential to make your life much easier."

"Rating: 9 out of 10"


The editorial stuff of German BEAT magazine recommends SampleRobot 5 in the issue 04/2016.

Author: Marco Scherer

Translated quotes:

"The software takes care of all those aspects of sampling with impressive results."

"SampleRobot is and stays the number one when working with loops and multisamples."

"With its clever algorithms the application saves endless time."

"Rating: 6 out of 6."


Rob Mitchell from Sound Bytes magazine has reviewed SampleRobot 5 Pro in December 2016.

"SampleRobot takes away the tedious part of the sampling process, quite simple and fun to work with."

"It definitely can save you a lot of time. I really enjoyed using SampleRobot, and I also believe anyone that is into sampling will find it interesting to work with and easy to use."

"After loading up my test-run SFZ file that SampleRobot created into Dimension Pro, it worked like a charm."

"WaveRobot: Its large display makes it easy to use. Automatic Loop recognition is available, and it finds the best duration and loop settings for you."


User via email

2016/05/28, Fernando G. aus Portugal
"I´m your customer since 2008 or 2009 and I want to keep beeing your customer. Your SR3 is the best I´ve ever seen. That´s my opinion."


User via email
2016/05/26, Panagiotis K. from Greece
"Congratulations for the big update, SampleRobot rocks!"

User via email

2016/05/23, Jeffrey B. from the United States
"I got to play with SampleRobot a bit yesterday. It's really fantastic! Thanks for a great product."


In the issue 02/2014 of German KEYS magazine author Lars Bohn explains how he creates the KEYS Personal Samples which have become a crucial part of each new issue.

For about one and a half year he contributes high quality multi-sampled instruments on a monthy base. For the sampling process Lars uses SampleRobot.

"If you are sampling a sound source like the Nord Lead 3 which supports MIDI, SampleRobot takes control of the instrument to elict a bunch of individual samples. So the sampling is fully automated."

Another important part during sampling is getting the best loops for each sample.

"A big help is the application SKYLIFE WaveRobot when it comes to arduous loop programming by hand. It can be used inside of SampleRobot."

Lars appreciates some practical functions of WaveRobot.

"If you have found optimum loop settings for one sample you can use those settings with the 'Auto-Loop for All' function as a template for the automatic loop search of all single samples contained in one sound. Very useful."



Review in c't magazine
Issue 2013/01 [Author: Nico Jurran]

Translated quotes:

"Sampling an instrument that is connected via MIDI to the sound card is very easy: In this case SampleRobot sends out for each note and for up to 32 velocity layers the dedicated control data and records all sounds. Loops are recognized automatically."

"During the test the automatic cloning of a MIDI instrument created amazingly-good results."

Review in BEAT magazine

Issue 2012/09 [Author: Marco Scherer]

The author concludes:

"SampleRobot still is the agent of choice for auto-sampling and looping."
"No other application is comparably comfortable and has such a reliability finding loop points."
"When fine-tuning loops you get fantastic support from WaveRobot. Just drag loop points with the mouse or create new ones in a jiffy."
"When is comes to small budget Multi-X und Single-X versions are highly interesting."
"Value for money: 6 out of 6"
"Alternatives: None"

Review in KEYS magazine

Issue 02/2012 [Author: Lars Bohn]

Here are a few translated quotes:
"With the SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite German-based company SKYLIFE comes to the aid of all sampling enthusiasts better than ever."
"Working with the Sampling Suite bestows an immense time saving on all multi-sample creators. Thereby the software is convincing because of many practical features and automation possibilities."
"To automate many laborious production steps is the speciality of this software. Thereby the sampling of MIDI sound sources is extremely handy."
"The function 'Instrument Copier' is a highlight; SampleRobot changes via MIDI program changes the sounds one after another to sample complex sound banks automatically, which can then be exported in one go. Ideally you only need to establish the communication between SampleRobot and the instrument. Then SampleRobot 'sucks out' all the sounds."


Conclusion of KEYS review:
+ automatic sampling
+ intelligent loop recognition
+ functions for manual loop adjustment
+ many export formats

Review in Computer Music Studio magazine

Issue 05/2011 [Author: Luca Pilla/Riccardo Gerbi]

Here are some short quotes from the translation:

"The real forces of SampleRobot are the work flow, the power of impact of the results and the wizard which guides you through the complex settings with just a few mouse clicks."

"At the end of the test we even did not have to edit the recorded multi-samples because all loop and crossfade points were set ideally from the software for the usage."

"SampleRobot together with WaveRobot can really support the sound designer who always dreamt of a database of personal timbres."

"The idea to create a new set of timbres either from VSTis or synths is of importance for everybody."

You can read the review in Italian language here.

Review from

2011/04/20 [Author: Leigh Wilbraham]

"A superb product and a joy to use." summarizes Leigh. "The clever way it handles the sounds means you are not left needing to loop samples or do any hard work, this software does everything for you ... We have spent a number of weeks testing this software and where most have problems or crash just when you are doing something important, SampleRobot is 100% reliable." SampleRobot scores 10 out of 10.

Review in Sound On Sound magazine

Issue 03/2006 [Author: John Walden]

Here are some quotations:
"Sample Robot is a very clever application..."
"First, while you forgo some of the automatic elements of the process, the Sample Robot interface provides a well organised environment for multisampling real instruments, which is great for those who really do like a genuine DIY approach to sampling."
"Exporting Projects to HALion also proved very straightforward."
"Sampling an acoustic instrument is, of course, a somewhat more labour-intensive task, but Sample Robot does make this task a whole lot easier than it would be using a conventional audio recording and editing application. Finally, I was also impressed by the 'Import Single Sound Library' function."

+ Generally very easy to use.
+ Can save a huge amount of time when sampling from scratch.
+ Capable of excellent results.

"If you are a dedicated DIY sample creator, then SampleRobot might just change your life - it's a real 'Swiss Army knife' for creating sampled versions of hardware synths."

Comparative Test in KEYBOARDS Magazine
Issue 02/2006 [Author: Christian Baum]

Under the headline "Battle of the Sample-Robots" the author sends out the software SKYLIFE SampleRobot, Redmatica AutoSampler and CDXtract Samplit to fight each other.

SampleRobot wins the battle and earns the title "Testsieger" (Winner of the Review).

Here are some quotations about SampleRobot from the review:

"Still unrivaled are the Auto-Loop-Features."

"SampleRobot's functionality is nearly never restricted and it convinces with a practicable workflow."

"Sophisticated concept with almost all editing options, a good manual and the developers' open ears let almost forget about that unfortunately this software is only available for PCs. Apart from that I would like to declare SampleRobot with a clear conscience as The Winner of the Review. It is the most flexible and comprehensive candidate in the battle of the Sample-Robots."


+ numerous useful functions
+ good export features
+ good operation manual

Review in international Music Magazine FutureMusic

Issue December 2005 [Author: Jon Musgrave]

Headline: "Sample all your favourite synths with SampleRobot. Jon Musgrave fires it up..."

Quotation from the review: "If you want to ditch your hardware synths, £ 169 doesn't seem to much to keep them alive in sample form. But I have got the impression from its designers that they're keen to keep SR's development moving too, so hopefully you can expect some free updates in the near future."

STABILITY: 8 out of 10

VALUE FOR MONEY: 9 out of 10

EASE OF USE : 8 out of 10

VERSATILITY: 8 out of 10


Review in Germany's DE:BUG - Electronic Life Aspects Magazine

Issue 10/2005 [Author: Ludwig Coenen]

Under the headline "Funky automatism: SampleRobot samples automatically hardware synths into the computer. Unbelievable, but true." the author writes about SampleRobot amongst others:

Translated quotes:
"All samples are precisely cut and perfectly mapped to the keyboard - there is no other way to do this so easy and comfortable."

"Let's see if the amount of synthesizer auctions on eBay is going to raise in the next time, then SampleRobot is the cause. Buy, sample, sell, no problem with this tool."

Value for Money: ****

Sound: *****

Ease of Use: ****

SampleRobot in Practise, Review in Germany's KEYS Magazine

Issue August 05 [Author: André Estermann]

Now you can read the SampleRobot review "ZEITMASCHINE FUER SOUND-DESIGNER" online. Many thanks to André Estermann and the KEYS editorial stuff for making this review available online. Here are some short quotations from the resume:

"SampleRobot is a tool that studio professionals who often create Multi-Samples cannot get around."
"The time saving while creating complex Multi-Samples with several layers is really gigantic."

Review in the German Beat Magazine

Issue 10/2005 [Author: Stefan Molz]

Here are two quotations:

"It is really impressive how many workitems are combined in this software."
"The price of the product is more than suitable."

Stefan Molz rates SampleRobot with 5 out of 6.

Review in UK's Music Magazine Computer Music

Issue SEPTEMBER 05 [Author: Scot Solida]

The Author writes: "SampleRobot is like the second engineer you always wished you had. We've seen other programs that work along similar lines, but none of them are as complete as this one."; "Using SampleRobot is, for the most part, a breeze."; "We captured a wicked bass sound from our trusty Moog Rogue synthesizer with no problems. It's also useful for recording instruments such as drums, guitars or just about any other acoustic source. Very useful indeed!"

Scot Solida rates SampleRobot with 8 out of 10.

Review in Germany's Music Technology Magazine PC & Musik

Issue 05/2005 [Author: Armin Kuester]

Quotation from the conclusion: "SampleRobot marks a quantum leap for the management of sampled audio material. Before SampleRobot it was not possible to transfer electronic and acoustic instruments into the digital domain and to create extensive sample libraries in such a short amount of time."

Review in the German KEYBOARDS Magazine

Issue 08/2005 [Author: Bjoern Bojahr]

Translated quotes:
"Innovative, unique concept"; "It has never been so easy to record a sound on the fly from a synthesizer/ module and to play it with a software-sampler. The recording process of an acoustic instrument or a synthesizer without MIDI has been simplified enormously by SampleRobot. Even beginners can create complex multi-samples that sound great!"

Review in Germany's Internet Magazine

SampleRobot review June 2005 [Author: Bjoern Morgenstern]



We would like to thank all users, reviewers and publishers for their enthusiasm about SampleRobot.