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Product Line


Are you a professional music producer, sound designer or library developer? Do you rely on samples as a crucial part of your productions? As the top-of-the-line product from SKYLIFE it offers all professional sampling features in one package. You can easily do automatic sampling of acoustic and electronic instruments. SampleRobot Pro is your personal sampling assistant!


Are you just starting your professional sampling career? You don’t need everything but still want all export formats? SampleRobot Multi-X offers a lot of the advanced auto-sampling functions. From the project wizard to auto-loop processing. You get all in one package at a reasonable price.


Are you a Korg user or just starting off creating your own samples? SampleRobot Korg+Wave is your entry ticket to the world of sampling. Beginners can achieve excellent results with just a few clicks. SampleRobot Korg+Wave offers sample export functionalities for various Korg products including Nautilus, Kronos, volca sample, microSAMPLER, Pa4X and older instruments like Triton and Trinity. Even sample export in Wav format is supported.

Product Comparison

Product Comparison Pro Multi-X Korg+Wave
VST2 Plug-in Host X
MIDI Monitor X
MIDI Controller Support X
24-Bit Export X
Export Formats All All Korg, Wave
WaveRobot Editing Functions X X X
Premium Synthesizer Multi-Samples included >1080 MB >800 MB >400 MB
Trial Version N/A N/A
Full Version







  • Fully automatic sampling of MIDI sound devices
  • Semi-automatic sampling of sound sources that are not equipped with a MIDI interface
  • Fully automated sampling of VST- and AU-instruments
  • Streamlined and easy to use graphical interface
  • Preset manager: over 80 sampling presets for different instruments and situations included; user presets can be created easily
  • Automatic output of velocity, after touch, MIDI controllers, program change to record all sound nuances
  • Non-destructive graphical loop and marker editing with full zoom functionality (including overlapping the stereo left and right waveforms)
  • MIDI monitor (SampleRobot Pro only)
  • Auto functions and user macros for recording format and length, editing, normalizing, fading samples
  • Automatic creation of crossfade loops, backward-forward loops and combinations
  • Auto arrangement and mapping of multi-samples including key maps with velocity splits and (SampleRobot Pro only) real time MIDI controller assignment
  • Supported file formats: see below
  • Sampling of Windows audio streams, played by other applications in the background
  • Pitch information read and write (WAV files)

  • Tuning oscillator
  • Advanced loop-searching algorithms
  • Different crossfade types to create inaudible loops
  • Auto naming from an external ASCII file
  • Batch multi-sample creation from an uncut audio file (e.g. useful to split sounds from sampling CDs)
  • Batch sampling all sounds (whole bank) from a MIDI-instrument: automatic creation of multiple projects with program changes
  • Batch normalize and gain functions for all samples in a project/multi-sample, auto normalize to maximum level in a project
  • Optional sampling rate and bit rate conversion during export
  • Crossfade rendering

  • Professional Auto-Loop recognition and loop editing for wave files (incl. loop search and pattern markers for optimum results)
  • Alternative Auto-Loop search results are directly accessible
  • Tempo-based and beat-based loop marker editing
  • Automatic functions for truncating silence at the beginning and at the end of the waveform
  • Comfortable editing: Fully scalable and zoomable editor window
  • Ultra-fast waveform zooming and marker editing (even during playback)
  • Graphical overlay of stereo left and right waveforms in realtime possible
  • Autogain crossfades for optimum crossfade loops without volume-change during crossfade
  • Supports crossfade loops, forward-backward loops and combinations
  • Intelligent zero-crossing functions
  • WAV drag & drop functionality
  • Audio format: WAV up to 24 Bit, 192 kHz
  • Loop and crossfade rendering
  • Batch processing capabilities in conjunction with SampleRobot

  • Formats: WAV (single-sample, multi-sample), SRPrj, Preset, Aiff, Wave
  • Wave + Aiff drag & drop functionality (also multiple files) to SampleRobot’s virtual keyboard including root-key recognition (optional extraction from file name or usage of root-key information) and importing loop points
  • Automatic creation of velocity, after touch, MIDI controllers, program change to record all sound nuances
  • Channels: optional 1 (mono) or 2 (stereo)
  • Bit resolution: optional 8, 16 or 24 bits (depending on the used audio interface), 24 Bit support only in SampleRobot Pro
  • Sampling rate: optional 11, 22, 44.1, 48, 96 or 192 kHz (depending on the used audio interface)
  • All formats can be combined in one Project

  • Format details: same as Import
  • SampleRobot Projekt (*.SRPrj)
  • SampleRobot Preset (*.SRPrj)
  • SampleRobot Project Export + Backup (*.SRPrj, *wav)
  • Project and Project group export as:
  • WAV [single, group (Multi-Samples)]
  • WAV (Loop only) [single, group (Multi-Samples)]
  • AIFF [single, group (Multi-Samples)]
  • AIFF (Loop only) [single, group (Multi-Samples)]
  • Yamaha Montage Performance as Library and User Bank (*.x7l, *.x7u)
  • Waldorf Quantum and Iridium (*.map)
  • Sequential Prophet X (*.zip)
  • Synthstrom deluge (*.xml)
  • Korg Kronos, Triton, Trinity, Pa3X, Pa4x (*.ksc, *.kmp, *.ksf)
  • Korg Volca Sample (Audio data export via Sync socket)
  • Korg microSAMPLER (*.msmpl_bank)
  • Steinberg HALion (*.xml, clipboard copy & paste)
  • Apple Logic Pro EXS 24 (*.sf2)
  • Native Instruments Kontakt - only till version 5 (*.sxt)
  • Propellerhead Software Reason NN-XT (*.sxt)
  • SoundFont2 (*.sf2)
  • Waldorf Blofeld (*.xml)
  • Camel Audio Alchemy and Alchemy Player (*.sfz)
  • Emu Emulator X3 (*.wav)
  • MOTU Machfive (*.wav)
  • rgc:audio (*.sfz)
  • Tascam Gigastudio (*.wav)
  • Maz Sound Tools VSampler (*.sf2)
  • Wusikstation (*.SND)
  • Yellow Tools Independence (*.sf2)
  • Cakewalk Dimension Pro / LE (*.sfz)
  • Cakewalk Dimension Program (*.prog)
  • All multi-sample export formats including auto-mapping and multi-velocity layering

    MIDI Data
  • Note on/off
  • Velocity, release velocity
  • After touch
  • Pitch bend
  • Program change
  • All continuous controllers with MSB and LSB

    Other supported Formats

  • ASCII-text (TXT), Import and Export
  • SampleRobot Project (SRPrj), Preset