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Why can't I activate SampleRobot?

SampleRobot can be installed on 2 different computers, of which you can use one at a time with SampleRobot. If you need more licenses please let us know and we'll send you a dedicated upgrade offer. If you cannot activate SampleRobot on your system even if you are activating for the first time, probably there is no internet connection on your system. In this case just use the manual activation link from the SampleRobot activation window.

How can I sample a virtual instrument?

Sampling a virtual instrument on the same computer as SampleRobot can be tricky at times. You need to establish virtual connections for Midi and audio. If you are on Windows here is a good tutorial for an older version of SampleRobot which will also work with the new version.

If you are on Mac you can find a description how to create a virtual Midi port here:

If you are in search for an application that can rout back the audio playback to another application, we can recommed Soundflower which can be downloaded for free from various internet sources.

Why is the Note In marker in some samples set a little bit before the current start of the recording?

SampleRobot uses a recognition for background noise to automatically detect the first transient of the actual recording. Sometimes there are peaks in the background noise that are erroniously detected as a start point of a sample. In this case just drag the Silence Out marker right next to the point of the false detection and start the Auto Note process from the Info and Settings section for this sample again. Then SampleRobot detects the next peak that is higher than the noise threshold. In general you can also lower the Threshold Precision In if you have recordings with background from the SampleRobot activation window.