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Heavyweight Samples

SampleRobot Heavyweight Sampling (Yamaha CS80)Starting the new year 2022 we have something special for you: A fragile and expressive sound from the past that was introduced 40 years ago in 1982 by Vangelis in his score for Ridley Scott's Blade Runner. We multisampled a living heavyweight Yamaha CS80 to bring you the original CS80 sound that is reminiscent of the opening credits from the legendary science fiction movie.

This sample set is completely free for download and you can use it in your productions. Please do not re-distribute. Have fun playing!

CS80 Opening Credits Sample Set In Soundfont2 And SXT Format.

If you have a keyboard that offers aftertouch or even polyphonic aftertouch you should map the included aftertouch layer in your software sampler accordingly for a CS80-like expression.

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