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Wish I Had One - Award

SampleRobot Montage Wish I had One - WIHO Award

It was nice to hear that author Jason Buchwald from has reviewed SampleRobot Montage. With a total rating of 3.6 out of 4 stars SampleRobot Montage is outstanding in the author's opinion and received the WIHO - Wish I Had One Award. We are very glad and honored and would like to say thank you very much, Jason!

Here are some quotes from the review.

"Bottom line: SampleRobot 6 for Montage is fantastic!"

"It’s very easy to use, and even beginners can get up and running fast."

"We sampled our trusty Roland Juno-106 for this test, and we were successful in a matter of minutes."

"SampleRobot also allows you to do non-automated sampling, which is great for acoustic instruments or other sound sources lacking MIDI."

"We were able to choose a VST plug-in (in this case Arturia’s B-3 V) and lo and behold, it loaded and there was the GUI screen! We changed the input source to VST and let the sampling begin. It worked perfectly!"

"So the whole process of sampling, editing, converting, and playing on the Montage literally took just five minutes. Nice!"

"The ability to easily sample vintage hardware or software plug-ins and load the sounds inside your Montage is remarkable, and may spare you having to take vintage keyboards or a computer to your next live gig."

"As a free piece of software for Montage owners, this is a no-brainer. Go get it now!"

Again thank you so much, Jason!


A question that frequently pops up in our support emails is "What are the restrictions of the trial version of SampleRobot Pro?".

First of all the demo version of SampleRobot Pro is not time-limited. You can download and run it without registering. You only need to enter a valid email address.

You can do everything what you can do with the regular version except:

+ SF2 export only (fixed to 22kHz mono).
+ Maximum 3 projects active.
+ Maximum 3 multisamples in one project.
+ Markers do not show the exact sample position.
+ Maximum 6 seconds recording time.
+ No premium samples included.