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Synclavier Regen Multisample Support

SampleRobot Supports Synclavier Regen

The new Synclavier Regen is a very interesting electronic instrument that also offers multisample playback and modulation. Over the last months we have been in contact with one of its developers, Cameron Warner Jones, to make SampleRobot work seamlessly with the new Synclavier.

Cameron was already one of the driving forces behind the original Synclavier and its legacy. Starting the sampling revolution with the heavyweight beast almost 50 years ago the newest incarnation of the Synclavier technology is lightweight, portable and can do much more. Instead of floppy drives you'll find an SD card slot to transfer your samples to the instrument.

SampleRobot Soundfont2 Export For Synclavier Regen

One big advantage when working with samples in Regen is that you can import complex multisamples with several velocity layers and all loop information in one go. Just copy a Soundfont2 file created by SampleRobot onto the SD card's Libraries\Samples folder and load the multisample with the Sample button in the Library section of Regen. All the sample mapping is done automatically.

You can instantly play your sampled instrument with all nuances you captured from the original. Another great feature is the easy layering of timbres with Regen. Enrich your sample playback by adding more and more tracks. To allow fast layering and sufficiant memory allocation it's recommended to create Soundfont2 files that don't exceed 100 MB in size. You can store as many multisamples on your SD card as your card can handle. Have fun!

Thanks very much to Cameron for the ongoing development and optimizations that make Synclavier Regen a perfect partner for SampleRobot.

Syclavier Regen Can Load Soundfont2 Files Created By SampleRobot