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Soundbytes Magazine Review

A new SampleRobot review was recently published by Soundbytes Magazine. We are very glad that author Rob Mitchell took a deep dive into the world of automatic sampling. He writes enthusiastically about the new features. Here are some quotes from his review:

"SampleRobot Pro is so easy to use and I have no reservations recommending it."

"...I can’t imagine not having it ready to go when needed.  It just makes the world of sampling all so easy and it’s really such a useful product."

"I set up six different projects with various synth plugins and a few projects with a hardware synth and they all turned out fine."

"With this latest version Skylife has added new features to make SampleRobot Pro even more powerful and accessible to the new users, and even the veteran sampler gurus will appreciate its useful automated features."

Thank you very much!

Here you can read the full Soundbytes review.

It's always nice to read a positive review but it's as much important for us to receive good feedback from our user base. Here is one quote from David G. in Suffolk, UK, that we received recently and that we would like to share.

"Sample Robot really delivers on its promise and is absolutely brilliant - saves so much time and delivers dependable results every time. Also I must say a big thank you to the highly responsive and knowledgable support i've received with my questions as a new user."