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Small big steps - SampleRobot version 6.2 is out now

SampleRobot 6.2 Update

Good news for all SampleRobot users and aspiring ones. We have just released the free 6.2 update for the whole SampleRobot product line - SampleRobot Pro, Multi-X and Korg + Wave. Presented at Superbooth 2019 this update gives you a lot of improvements when sampling VSTis and also for the general workflow.

With version 6.2 we introduce an enhanced I/O widget in the upper left corner of the graphical user interface. Now it is very easy to change audio devices, audio formats and midi ports for whole projects without using the Project Wizard. You'll never loose the overview. No sound during sampling? The I/O widget helps solving this issue quickly.

VST2 sampling has also been enhanced extensively (SampleRobot Pro only). The SampleRobot VST host has become high-performance and less CPU-hungry. Now even more VST2 plugins are supported and the Project Wizard brings new options for setting up a VST sampling session in a few steps.

Drag & Drop - it is that easy! You have samples that you would like to combine to new instruments for the use in your favorite hardware or software sampler? Just drag the files onto SampleRobot's virtual keyboard. Mr. Roboto will give you several mapping options and will read root-keys and loop information out of your aiff and wave files for advanced mapping. You could even use SampleRobot to batch-convert your favorite samples to a new format, yet with up- and downsampling options.

Extended semi-automatic recording mode - longer recordings for better-sounding samples. In this update release you can sample as long as 1000 seconds for one sample. If you like you can record full music tracks onto the various keys to offer you a live palette of different moods that you can trigger in real-time from a sampler afterwards. This is how a lot of film sound designers and composers work when they are performing live to picture.

Version 6.2 also makes SampleRobot fully compatible with Mac OS Mojave and the latest Windows 10 release.

To sum it up there are absolutely no excuses for not installing or not ordering SampleRobot 6.2.

Get SampleRobot6 here!

If you are already using SampleRobot you can easily update using the built-in tool ("Help -> Check for Updates").