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SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot 6 Multi-X and a new trial version

We are glad to inform you that SampleRobot 6 Multi-X is now available in the SKYLIFE Store. SampleRobot 6 Multi-X offers a lot of professional auto-sampling features from his big brother SampleRobot 6 Pro at a reasonable price. If you don't need 24 bit resolution sample export and Midi monitor / controllers support you can start your sampling sessions with SampleRobot Multi-X and crossgrade at a later time to SampleRobot 6 Pro if you need these features. All projects files are compatible between both versions. Multi-X stands for multi export offering a huge range of different multisampling formats for various software and hardware instruments. If you are interested in details please have a look at the import/export formats section on our SampleRobot Products site.

Here you can find SampleRobot 6 Multi-X in the SKYLIFE Store.

Try before buy! Just in time for the SampleRobot 6 Multi-X release we would like to give you the opportunity to test SampleRobot 6 Pro. The trial version can be used without any time restrictions. Certain features are limited in this version, e.g. the recording length and the multisample export options.

Download the SampleRobot 6 Pro Trial now and see how easy it is to create your own sample instruments.