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Sampling Workshop

SampleRobot workshop for Waldorf Quantum and Iridium users

We are glad that author Markus Galla from German Amazona online magazine created a valuable in-depth workshop on how to prepare and transfer custom sample sets for the Waldorf synthesizers Quantum and Iridium with the latest version of SampleRobot.

Markus concludes: With SampleRobot 6.6 users of a Waldorf Quantum or Iridium synthesizer have the opportunity to easily extend the sonic inventory of their instrument. No way this could be easier than with SampleRobot 6.6. The whole process of sampling, the export and import only take a few minutes depending on the complexity of the automatic sampling. SampleRobot 6.6 is among the best tools when it comes to automated sampling. Users of other synthesizers and workstations can also benefit from SampleRobot since it offers various export options.

Here you can find the full workshop (in German language).