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Sampling for wavestate

In this video author Qui Robinez shows you everything you need to know about getting new samples into KORG's WaveState wave sequencing synthesizer. At about 6 minutes in the video Qui explains in detail how he is working with SampleRobot to prepare the session and creating the samples that are later used in the WaveState synthesizer. Big thanks to Qui for this in-depth tutorial. Highly recommended for everyone interested in creating custom sample content for the WaveState.

This is a quote from Qui's YouTube site:

'In this tutorial i show all the steps to sample a sound from a VST instrument and how to import those samples in your wavestate and use those user samples in the software editor. For this tutorial i use SampleRobot 6 to create the samples, but if you don't have samplerobot then you can also sample 1 note per octave yourself in a DAW of the vst you want to use. Just export all those single notes as seperate wav files and then import those single note wav files in the korg wave editor and set the looppoints over there. If you have samplerobot 6 then the very easy process of sampling a sound in a vst is explained in detail in this tutorial.'

00:00 Sound Example with custom samples
01:00 Introduction
02:59 Software editor example
04:55 Ableton Arturia Jup-8 sound example
06:00 SampleRobot: Sampling the sounds
12:14 Korg Sample Editor (creating the Multisample for the wavestate)
17:45 Korg Software Editor (creating the performance with the user sample)
22:27 Conclusion