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FM Sampling / Musikmesse 2018

Did you know that AudioKit Pro used SampleRobot to sample all the legendary YAMAHA DX and TX sounds that you can experience with FM Player?

Here is what Matthew Fecher, maker of the FM Player and Director of Product for AudioKit Pro, thinks about SampleRobot: "SampleRobot is absolutely essential to my music and development process. We couldn't have built the award-wining FM Player iPad app without SampleRobot. Thanks!"

It is with great pleasure for us as well that SampleRobot could contribute to this wonderful project. If you own an iPad and have not yet downloaded FM Player, we highly recommend playing this amazing instrument. It's a lot of fun and it can be downloaded free of charge on the App Store. If you would like to create your own playable instruments from samples created by SampleRobot have a look at AudioKit Pro's open-source library for building your very own virtual instruments. Amazing!

Will you attend Musikmesse in Frankfurt from April 11th till 14th? If so, we would be glad to meet you there. Please come by the YAMAHA booth where we will show the SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition. This is a special adaption of SampleRobot suitable for all YAMAHA MONTAGE users. With SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition you can use all the sophisticated automatic sampling features of SampleRobot and transfer your samples directly in MONTAGE format. Of course we will be in Frankfurt also to answer your questions regarding SampleRobot. Hope to see you there!