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Samples and exports

Recently we started an inquiry via Twitter about user sampling projects realized with the help of SampleRobot. We're glad to hear back from Jan @jupiterbyjay. He captured the charme, richness and power of the original Roland Jupiter-8 and brought it to life within HALion and Kontakt. There is a free 2GB sample instrument to demo the full sample set. Check it out!

Riding on the wave of the 80s here is the track Topgun2020 that features the JayP8 set. Jan is pretty busy creating new samples and plans a release for Bitwig studio later this year. We stay tuned!

In the last weeks we've got quite a few inquiries regarding supporting different formats in SampleRobot. One of them is the Waldorf Quantum format. We've already got the format description and a Quantum for debugging and ... playing, of course! Some format descriptions are really hard to get hold of and some formats are not even officially documented. One sample format we would like to include in SampleRobot is the Tenori-On, but we don`t have any information about it. So if there are users and hackers around diving into these sample formats please reach out to us. We would love to include even more formats in SampleRobot.