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SampleRobot Tech Talks

Over the last months a couple of new videos were published on how to work with SampleRobot. Many thanks to @yamahasynths, @misutrax and @loopopmusic for producing them and showing insights. Some videos are referencing SampleRobot Montage, a special version of SampleRobot for Yamaha Montage users. No worries if you don't own a Montage synthesizer. All the features can also be found in SampleRobot Pro which furthermore offers a lot of additional sample export formats.

To give you more information about frequently asked questions we expanded our SampleRobot FAQ series on Twitter.

There are a lot of user inquiries asking for new multisample formats and future features to be included in the next updates. We would like to thank you so much for these messages and appreciate your enthusiasm about SampleRobot a lot. Be sure that we are considering all these ideas for a future update. It's wonderful to have such a vivid community! During the last months we already collected a lot of information about some frequently asked multisample formats. So stay tuned!

Yamaha SampleRobot Tech Talk with Blake Angelos (English)

Yamaha SampleRobot Tech Talk with HaPe Henkel and Christian Halten (German)

Loopopmusic mentioning SampleRobot in this comparison video (English)

Misutrax's tutorial on how to sample synthesizers with SampleRobot (Japanese)