SampleRobot Montage available mid of August

SampleRobot 6 MontageWe would like to give you the best user experience when downloading and activating SampleRobot Montage. Therefore we have rescheduled our release date for SampleRobot Montage to mid of August. The launch of SampleRobot Pro will follow shortly.

Unlike with earlier versions of SampleRobot you don't have to enter challenge and response codes manually any longer. The activation process is now fully automatic which saves a lot of time and also avoids activation problems due to code mistyping.

SampleRobot Montage comes with a new operation manual and an optimized Project Wizard, so that you can immediately start recording sophisticated sampling projects. SampleRobot Montage allows you to export Performances in Montage Library and User Bank format that include up to 8 velocity layers.

The download of SampleRobot Montage will be available from the official Yamaha Music website. To register you need a valid Yamaha Montage serial number.

We'll post the direct link as soon as SampleRobot Montage is available for download.