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SampleRobot 6.5 is here!

SampleRobot 6.5 Pro

It took longer than expected but now the SampleRobot 6.5 update is finally available from the SampleRobot website. This is a large update. We expanded on the export functionality and included 3 new multisample formats for SampleRobot Pro and SampleRobot Multi-X and there's more.

Sequential Prophet X

Supporting hardware samplers was a high priority already from the beginning of the SampleRobot development over a decade ago. Musicians love their wonderful instruments, so we do at Skylife. With the introduction of Sequential’s Prophet X it became clear that SampleRobot would be a useful companion to create large custom sample sets for the instrument. With the remarkable support of Sequential and users in the PX community we were able to implement the Prophet X export in SampleRobot 6.5 Pro. Just browse your PX’s flash drive and create custom sound libraries in minutes. SampleRobot works inside the sample structure of the Prophet X. You can export the desired sample sets and then import a whole bank into the Prophet X in one go. With SampleRobot’s downsampling option you can keep your original recording quality in the project and export the optimized samples for your hardware.

Prophet-X meets SampleRobot 6.5 Pro

Bitwig Studio

Wouldn’t it be a good idea to use your multisamples in Bitwig’s sampler? Don’t care about mapping, looping and truncating. It’s all done with SampleRobot’s Bitwig Studio export. In SampleRobot 6.5 Pro there are even the standard Bitwig property tags to categorize your multisamples. This way you can build up your personal sample library and quickly browse and load new instruments in Bitwig Studio. We received full support from Berlin-based Bitwig company which made the documentation public to include this feature in SampleRobot Pro. Thank you!

Bitwig Studio meets SampleRobot 6.5 Pro

Synthstrom deluge

This little synth/sampler/drum machine/fx box/sequencer has a lot of interesting features to offer including the import of multisamples which are read from an SD card. Building a connecting bridge from SampleRobot to the deluge has been achieved in this update as well. From now on users can bypass the time-consuming browsing and adding of samples via the 4-digit display on the deluge. During the SampleRobot export all necessary data is created in the right directories on the deluge’s SD card to allow instant access to your favorite sample sets. Turning the dedicated knob on the deluge will browse the created sample instruments directly.

Synthstrom deluge meets SampleRobot 6.5 Pro

VST2 sampling with offline bouncing (SampleRobot Pro only)

The sampling process can eat a lot of time when it comes to creating high quality sample libraries. When recording acoustic instruments you have to record each note as long as it takes to capture it properly. But for virtual instruments there is a trick that we used in SampleRobot 6.5 Pro to dramatically shorten the sampling time. With the new offline bouncing option the rendering of the samples in the included VST2 host is done with full processor speed. This means that you will save up to 80% time compared to previous versions. If you are heading for quality samples using your custom plugin sounds as a source there is no reason to make compromises any more because of the sampling time.

A lot of optimizations

We want to give you the best sampling experience on the market that's why we have optimized a lot of features in SampleRobot. From 4K screen support to optimum Asio and Core Audio performance to a new export integrity check system to shortcuts for browsing projects, multisamples and samples. If you ever wanted to start a new sampling project, now is the time! ;-)

Michael, thank you very much for this video!

Thanks a lot, @polarity!