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Sample Makers

SampleRobot Sample Makers

This month we have a very special gift for all sample enthusiasts. It's a sound pack created especially for the users of SampleRobot by the sampling specialists at LucidSamples.  We would like to thank Mike, Wojtek, Maciej and the team very much for this wonderful offer! You will find the dedicated download at the bottom of this blog post.

LucidSamples told us that they also used SampleRobot to create their commercially available packs Hardcore Leads and Nord Synths Collection. Good to know.;-)

The German sound label Resonance Sound also works with SampleRobot for their sampling packs. We are happy to add their logo to our Users section.

Another very interesting instrument is CUBE from Lunacy Audio. It is a VST/AU plugin that is based on the idea of transforming and mixing sounds with the help of a three-dimensional path inside a virtual cube. It comes with a large sample library. CUBE is not only for your ears but also has motion graphics in the user interface. It offers a fresh way to add complex and unexpected modulations to a set of sounds.  Casey from Lunacy Audio reached out to us saying that they looped all the gigabytes of samples with the help of SampleRobot. Pretty cool!

Finally as promised here comes the sample pack for you. It contains Soundfont2 files from instruments like Roland TB303 and Clavia Nord Lead 3. Most software samplers should be able to import those files. If you don't have a sampler that supports the format you could check out the free Sforzando instrument from Plogue.

SampleRobot LucidSamples License Agreement

If you agree to the license above you can go ahead and download:

SampleRobot LucidSamples Soundfont2 Package

Have fun and send some music tracks!