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Review and user report from Italy

SampleRobot Review - SM Strumenti Musicali

"Brava SKYLIFE - Bel Lavoro!" Riccardo Gerbi, thank you very much for the compliments and your in-depth review of SampleRobot for the readers of your Italian website SM Strumenti Musicali.

Very glad to hear that the author likes the workflow with the Project Wizard, the speed when sampling and the quality of the results. It is "The sampling with one click". SampleRobot reaches a rating of 8.3 out of 10. The thing Riccardo likes to see in a future version is an Undo functionality, agreed!


"Improved Interface"

"Plugin Recording"

"Effectiveness of the Autoloop algorithm"

Furthermore Riccardo asked Italian artist Manuele Montesanti about his experience with SampleRobot 6.5. "It's incredible, thanks to the Wizard I have a useful result in a few minutes. The autoloop in WaveRobot works really well and in most cases I don't have to refine things." He is also very happy to be able to sample VST2 plugins for the usage in his Yamaha Montage synthesizer. "Christian and his team have done excellent work!" Thank you very much, Manuele!