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Quantum To Come

Waldorf Quantum SampleRobot Sample Export FormatWe are happy to announce that the next SampleRobot update will feature an additional sample export for the Waldorf synthesizers Quantum and Iridium. This allows for easy sample creation, transfer and management of high quality libraries. Due to SampleRobot's automatic mapping capabilities you can also import standard Wave and Aiff files and export them fast in the Quantum/Iridium format for instant playability and as a source for advanced sound design on the instruments.

Many thanks to Joachim Flor, Rolf Wöhrmann and the Waldorf team for providing format specifications and a development unit. The release of SampleRobot 6.6 is planned within the fourth quarter of 2021 and will be available as a free update for all PC and Mac users of SampleRobot 6. Stay tuned!

There are a couple of other export formats on our list for 2021 including Kurzweil KRZ, Yamaha Tenori-On TNW and a sample export for Akai's new MPC products. Let us know if there are special formats you would like to see in a future update of SampleRobot.

We recently received a very nice email from Steve P. from the UK about SampleRobot and he agreed on forwarding the quote on our channels. Here it is: 'SampleRobot made the sampling of my Kawai sx-240 so much easier and saved so much time'. He continues: 'The normally extremely daunting and time consuming  task of sampling a synth like a Kawai sx240 (every note, every octave and every combination of oscillators) was automated and took the pain out of sampling a large collection of samples and even intelligently auto looped them(although I always check loops manually to be safe). SampleRobot is awesome and you will wonder how you lived without it. Highly recommended.'

Thanks so much, Steve! We are really glad to hear that.