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New user video

Hope you had a great start in 2020. All the best wishes for a musical new year.

It is with pleasure to see this new video from long-time SampleRobot user Jürgen Moßgraber. In this video Jürgen focuses on the Bitwig export and also on the offline bouncing option when sampling plugins. Thanks very much for taking the time to show this to other people, appreciated!

Talking about the VST host in SampleRobot there were quite a few support inquiries since the latest update release. It's important to understand that SampleRobot includes a VST2 host that should only load VST2 plugins. Even if you might be able to load VST3 plugins this can cause issues and is not yet supported. Users who loaded a VST3 by mistake should delete the SampleRobot.ini file which can be found in Documents\SKYLIFE\SampleRobot6. The file will be recreated during the next start of SampleRobot.