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Merry Christmas & Musical Holidays

Sample New Instruments With SampleRobotWhichever instrument you'll find under or next to the Christmas tree, might it be a vintage or a futuristic one, an acoustic or electric, small or large, we wish you a musical holiday time with lots of inspiration.

Merry Christmas to all of you!

We would like to thank our users for supporting SampleRobot and using it in so many creative ways. Thank you for reaching out and letting us know about your projects, we appreciate it very much! Thank you all SampleRobot video makers for creating this fantastic burst of content in 2023.

You know that Artificial Intelligence has experienced a huge breakthrough recently. It can even design new instruments out of the blue or green as you can see. For sure there will be changes and many questions in the future to be answered in all creative fields. But one thing will stay untouched which is the enjoyment of creating and listening to music. 

All the best wishes for 2024 - we are one world.

SampleRobot - Sample This Synthesizer

SampleRobot - Sample This Synthesizer

SampleRobot - Sample This Synthesizer