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In The Loop - Happy Holidays

In his new video author Stephen O'Connell shows what you can do with the automatic loop features in SampleRobot when it comes to building and optimizing your own sample-based instruments. Get an insight on his workflow from importing and looping in SampleRobot to exporting and auto-mapping in Kontakt. Thank you, Stephen, for again highlighting some special features in SampleRobot. If you have missed watching Stephen's first video on SampleRobot here is it again. For further information about the more advanced loop features like loop overlay, loop search markers and alternative results please have a look at this video.

Talking about Kontakt there is dedicated development going on for the upcoming SampleRobot update release. We're glad that Native Instruments have provided us with information on how to use the embedded Lua scripting engine to automate the multisample export in SampleRobot for the latest Kontakt version 7. Many thanks to Yaron and André from NI.

One of our users, Maik Schott, has just released a new sound collection for Korg's WaveState synthesizer called 'Analog Synth Essentials'. Maik used SampleRobot for all the sampling on this project. He captured some iconic sounds from vintage instruments like the Moog Prodigy and the Arp 2600. If you're into electronic music check out his video with a dedicated sound run-down.

It's always nice to receive feedback from our user base. Here is one quotation from Chris in France we would like to share.

Five Stars ***** technical support & customer care !
From the beginning we always had replies to our questions from on a timely manner with a 100% solution or explanations to our questions. Guys ! Either before and after sale your support is top notch !
Thanks Christian, you rock at ! Chris / CEO - Owner

Thank you very much, you're welcome Chris!

What's more to say? We wish you all happy summer holidays with nice music to listen to and to create.