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Hands-On Sampling

In his new video episode Espen 'I am the 80s!' Kraft demonstrates how he is using SampleRobot to create his new live rig with all the original sounds of his beloved 80s instruments. In the video he is sampling a famous DX piano from his Yamaha TX802 and exports it in Sequential Prophet X format. With the same basic samples he creates various interesting alterations of the piano on the Prophet X.

He sums it up: 'The conclusion is just as fast and easy as SampleRobot itself. This is the program to use for me going forward.'

Thanks very much to Espen for producing this video and for showing how easy and inspiring creative sampling is.

One of the features of SampleRobot 6.6 Pro is the multisample export option for Waldorf Quantum and Iridium synthesizers. A new blog post on the Waldorf website is dedicated to the sampling possibilities of both machines and their interplay with SampleRobot. Check out the new video by Phable. He shows the whole process how to create custom sample map files and how to import them into the Waldorf instruments.

Thank you, Phable, for taking the time to produce this essential hands-on video. Much appreciated!