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FAQ Section Online

A newly created FAQ section on our SampleRobot Support website might help you getting answers to your questions fast. You can find a lot of operation tips and inside information there as well. This section has become quite an extensive resource and it will be expanded in the future. It has been carefully edited from internal support documents that we assembled over the years.

Please check it out.

We hope you find it useful for your work. If there is any topic uncovered that you would like to see there please give us a wink.

Thanks to all SampleRobot users that reached out to our support. It's not always about questions though. We are very glad to receive kind messages from users just letting us know what they did with SampleRobot and what they like about it. Much appreciated!

Here is a quote from Al Riesenbeck who creates sample packs for MPC samplers.

"SampleRobot allows me to seamlessly sample hardware and software instruments into different formats quickly. Today I learned how to properly use the MIDI MSB and LSB to access hidden patches on hardware synths. I’m really enjoying Sample Robot; it’s changed the way I do my work. SR’s automated sampling, trimming and looping has improved my productivity."

You can check out his work at

And another quote from Jacques Mignault at

"I really do love the app. I’ve got all my favourite synth sounds packed into my Prophet X, and the wizard makes it so easy !"

This is what Tim Eades from The T-Gen-X Project wrote: "I just wanted to thank you for your product - I have already made an awesome DS 'Organ' patch from a 20-30 year old mini 'toy' keyboard, which, once played on DS with some verb filter and chorus, sounds remarkably like a real church organ - my mind was blown away!"

Thank you!