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A quick video guide to VST sampling with SampleRobot 6.1

We are glad to present a new video that shows how to sample virtual instruments with SampleRobot version 6.1. The VST host functionality was recently inplemented in SampleRobot. There are a lot reasons to sample VSTis. Here are some examples:

  • You don't want to perform with a laptop on stage. Just use your favorite stage hardware and import the samples there.
  • Your plugin is pretty CPU-hungry. Just save a lot of performance power with the samples.
  • Play monophonic plugins polyphonically.
  • Use older plugins in a new environment.
  • Have your plugin sounds playable on all your different software and hardware samplers.
  • Build a custom sample library out of your personal plugin sounds.
  • Layer the plugin sounds with other samples in your favorite sampler and save the whole patch as one instrument.
  • Use the special features of SampleRobot to twist and shape your plugin sounds with unusual loops and crossfades.