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SampleRobot is designed for

  • Keyboardists
  • Film, game and electronic music composers
  • Sound designers
  • Sound library developers
  • DJs
  • Beat makers
  • Remixers


  • Fully automated "Cloning" of Midi instruments
  • Fully automated "Cloning" of virtual instruments
  • Semi-automated "Cloning" of instruments without Midi
  • Instant access to all instrumental sounds via software samplers
  • Work in other studios or on stage without carrying equipment
  • Mobile composing on a laptop computer with all original "hardware sounds"
  • Instant play: no wiring, no repairs, no loss of sounds
  • Perfect "Total Recall" for every session
  • Play monophonic instruments polyphonically
  • Convert audio sampling CDs into directly playable software instruments
  • Professional loop editing and Auto-Loop processing with WaveRobot
  • Including powerful premium Multi-Samples from famous synthesizers
  • Easy to use modular graphical user interface
  • Compatible with Mac and PC
  • Big time saver