SampleRobot Sampling Suite: Awave Studio upgraded to Version 11


2014/04/09 Here is good news for all users of Korg Kronos, M50, M3 and Native Instruments Kontakt. New Awave Studio 11 supports multiple new sampler formats and is contained in the SampleRobot Sampling Suite now. When it comes to sample format conversion nobody can beat Awave Studio. Together with SampleRobot this package is the Swiss Army Knife for all sampling adventures. Awave Studio now supports about 300 audio file formats and allows conversion, batch processing and high-level multi-sample editing. Here are some of the new features:

  • Added support for reading Native Instrument Kontakt instruments (.NKI) and multi banks (.NKM). NB; only files compatible with Kontakt versions predating v.4.2.2 are supported. Files written by later versions use a different binary format which is not supported.

  • Added support for reading and writing Korg Kronos program collection files (.PCG).

  • Added support for reading and writing Korg M3 and M50 program collection files (.PCG).
  • Added support for reading and writing Korg M50 program collection files (.PCG).

  • Added support for writing (in addition to reading) Korg Triton LE program collection file (.PCG).

  • Improved conversion of Korg Triton and Korg Trinity program bank files (.PCG).

  • Added support for reading & writing Korg Kronos samples (.KSF), keymaps (.KMP) and script files (.KSC).
  • Added support for reading Opus audio streams (.OPUS).
  • Added support for reading and writing Wusik 4000 files (.W4KSND).

  • Improved conversion from Kurzweil K2000-series files (.KRZ).

  • Added support for reading AdLib Visual Composer song files (.ROL + .BNK).
  • Many more features.


KEYS Personal Samples - SampleRobot in continuous Operation


2014/01/16 We hope you had a good start in 2014. In the current issue of German KEYS magazine author Lars Bohn explains how he creates the KEYS Personal Samples which have become a crucial part of each new issue. For about one and a half year he contributes high quality multi-sampled instruments on a monthy base. For the sampling process Lars uses SampleRobot.

"If you are sampling a sound source like the Nord Lead 3 which supports MIDI, SampleRobot takes control of the instrument to elict a bunch of individual samples. So the sampling is fully automated."

Another important part during sampling is getting the best loops for each sample.

"A big help is the application SKYLIFE WaveRobot when it comes to arduous loop programming by hand. It can be used inside of SampleRobot."

Lars appreciates some practical functions of WaveRobot.

"If you have found optimum loop settings for one sample you can use those settings with the 'Auto-Loop for All' function as a template for the automatic loop search of all single samples contained in one sound. Very useful." 

We would like to thank Lars Bohn for providing all users with wonderful samples and we are looking forward to the upcoming instruments!


A new SampleRobot video produced by Dom Kane is available on Plugin Boutique's website. It explains the basic workflow in SampleRobot. Thanks to Dom and Plugin Boutique for the production. Highly appreciated!


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