SKYLIFE announces new SampleRobot 6 line-up

2018/04/21 We are very glad to announce a completely new version of SampleRobot. Even if not produced by the Tyrell Corporation our 6th generation SampleRobot is more human than human and offers state-of-the-art features for professional sampling and instrument cloning projects.

Top of the line is SampleRobot 6 Pro including the loop and transient editor WaveRobot 6, both designed for professional musicians and sound library developers. SampleRobot 6 Multi-X offers a lot of functions of his big brother at a reasonable price. WaveRobot 6 can be added as an option. The SampleRobot 6 KORG Edition is like SampleRobot 6 Multi-X but offers only Korg formats as sample export.

The upcoming SampleRobot 6 product line is not just a simple update of existing products but it is fully redesigned using an optimized code-base and offering a new user experience. For the first time SampleRobot will be available without the usage of the Wine framework under OSX which means faster response, optimized file handling and native Core Audio support of multi-I/O interfaces.

SampleRobot 6 comes with a modular graphical user interface. Sections can be extended, dragged to any areas of your working screen and can snap back to the dock. The main working screen is the big WaveRobot window that offers a high-resolution sample display and transient and loop editing with sample-accurate precision. Even with complex Projects containing several multisample layers you'll never lose the overview. You can easily scroll through the new Samples list window to instantly show the dedicated waveform and all relevant informations.

SampleRobot 6 Pro and Multi-X even extend the huge sample format support with new exports like Yamaha MONTAGE and Synthstrom deluge.

The SampleRobot 6 line-up is planned to be released in June, prices as follows.

SampleRobot 6 Pro (incl. WaveRobot) - 299 $ / 249 € / 219 £
SampleRobot 6 Multi-X (incl. WaveRobot) - 199 $ / 169 € / 149 £
SampleRobot 6 Korg+Wave (incl. WaveRobot) - 99 $ / 79 € / 69 £

If you order SampleRobot 5 products in the SKYLIFE STORE now you will receive an upgrade to the dedicated version 6 free of charge as soon as it's available.


FM Sampling / Musikmesse 2018

2018/03/26 Did you know that AudioKit Pro used SampleRobot to sample all the legendary YAMAHA DX and TX sounds that you can experience with FM Player?

Here is what Matthew Fecher, maker of the FM Player and Director of Product for AudioKit Pro, thinks about SampleRobot: "SampleRobot is absolutely essential to my music and development process. We couldn't have built the award-wining FM Player iPad app without SampleRobot. Thanks!"

It is with great pleasure for us as well that SampleRobot could contribute to this wonderful project. If you own an iPad and have not yet downloaded FM Player, we highly recommend playing this amazing instrument. It's a lot of fun and it can be downloaded free of charge on the App Store. If you would like to create your own playable instruments from samples created by SampleRobot have a look at AudioKit Pro's open-source library for building your very own virtual instruments. Amazing!

Will you attend Musikmesse in Frankfurt from April 11th till 14th? If so, we would be glad to meet you there. Please come by the YAMAHA booth where we will show the SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition. This is a special adaption of SampleRobot suitable for all YAMAHA MONTAGE users. With SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition you can use all the sophisticated automatic sampling features of SampleRobot and transfer your samples directly in MONTAGE format. Of course we will be in Frankfurt also to answer your questions regarding SampleRobot. Hope to see you there!


Namm 2018 revisited / Videos

2018/02/23 At the Namm 2018 we announced our new SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition togehter with YAMAHA. This new version is planned to be released in May. It will contain all the fabulous autosampling features that made SampleRobot over the last 12 years an indispensable tool for composers, sound designers, producers, beat makers and sample library developers.

With the SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition you can instantly create complex multisample sets in the YAMAHA MONTAGE format. Transfer other instruments and samples easily into the MONTAGE and just carry one instrument on tour for all your sounds. And the best of all, the SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition is free for all MONTAGE users. If you need more export formats there is an upgrade option to the full-featured SampleRobot 6 Pro version. As you can see from the preliminary screenshot it comes with a newly developed graphical user interface. The GUI is fully resizable and modular, sections can be dragged to another screen for example. Under the hood this is a complete program code revision making it a highly performant application for native Mac and PC.

If you purchase SampleRobot 5 or WaveRobot 5 now you will upgrade for free to version 6 including the latest MONTAGE format export.

Here is a little video collection from the NAMM 2018 featuring sneak previews of the SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition.

NAMM 2018 SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition

We would like to thank all videographers and the very nice YAMAHA team at the NAMM and behind the scenes in Japan. And thank you very much all visitors for the wonderful feedback and excitement we received from you at the show.


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