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English SampleRobot 4 Operation Manual [PDF, 9.8 MB]

English SampleRobot 3 Operation Manual [PDF, 11.8 MB]
German SampleRobot 3 Bedienhandbuch [PDF, 10.8 MB]

SampleRobot Product Brochures

SampleRobot Brochure 2008 [PDF, 4.00 MB]

SampleRobot Brochure 2007 Outside [PDF, 8.01 MB]
SampleRobot Brochure 2007 Inside [PDF, 3.34 MB]

SampleRobot Brochure 2006 Outside [PDF, 2.43 MB]
SampleRobot Brochure 2006 Inside [PDF, 4.25 MB]

SampleRobot Brochure 2005 Outside [PDF, 4.49 MB]
SampleRobot Brochure 2005 Inside [PDF, 4.76 MB]

Instruments Downloads (Multi-Samples)

Here you will find some premium quality directly playable instruments in SoundFont2 format taken from classic vintage synthesizers for free.


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SampleRobot Questionnaire
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