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Namm 2018 revisited / Videos

2018/02/23 At the Namm 2018 we announced our new SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition togehter with YAMAHA. This new version is planned to be released in August. It will contain all the fabulous autosampling features that made SampleRobot over the last 12 years an indispensable tool for composers, sound designers, producers, beat makers and sample library developers.

With the SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition you can instantly create complex multisample sets in the YAMAHA MONTAGE format. Transfer other instruments and samples easily into the MONTAGE and just carry one instrument on tour for all your sounds. And the best of all, the SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition is free for all MONTAGE users. If you need more export formats there is an upgrade option to the full-featured SampleRobot 6 Pro version. As you can see from the preliminary screenshot it comes with a newly developed graphical user interface. The GUI is fully resizable and modular, sections can be dragged to another screen for example. Under the hood this is a complete program code revision making it a highly performant application for native Mac and PC.

If you purchase SampleRobot 5 or WaveRobot 5 now you will upgrade for free to version 6 including the latest MONTAGE format export.

Here is a little video collection from the NAMM 2018 featuring sneak previews of the SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition.

NAMM 2018 SampleRobot MONTAGE Edition

We would like to thank all videographers and the very nice YAMAHA team at the NAMM and behind the scenes in Japan. And thank you very much all visitors for the wonderful feedback and excitement we received from you at the show.


SampleRobot 6 in the Production Pipeline / Namm Show / Grace Period

2017/11/16 Today we are very proud to announce the new generation of SampleRobot. Not Nexus but Version 6 will come with a completely rebuilt sampling engine and a customizable user interface for Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows. SampleRobot 6 will take auto-sampling to another level with an unmatched sampling experience. The release of the SampleRobot 6 product line is scheduled for end of August 2018.

We would like to thank our loyal user base that gave us fantastic feedback and shared many great ideas over the last years. A big shout to all our live performing musicians, sound library developers, recording engineers, sound designers, film composers, music producers and DJs, synthesizer and sampling freaks! Without you the new version would not be possible.

The screenshot on the left is a preliminary one that shows our current work in progress. Please visit our Twitter channel and let us know what you think. We will attend Namm in January so it would be great to chat with you in person. We will annouce the details on Twitter soon.

There will be new mutlisample export formats available in SampleRobot 6, e.g. Yamaha Montage. We'll keep you updated.

Good news for all future users: The update grace period has already started on 1st of November 2017. So when you order SampleRobot version 5 now you will get a free upgrade to SampleRobot 6.



2017/09/20 We hope you had nice summer holidays. We're back in Berlin and working on new features for the next SampleRobot update release. One thing that caught our attention in summer was the deluge from Synthstrom Audible. This nifty box contains a sequencer + sampler + synthesizer + effects and it even runs on battery. You can sample with the deluge on the road and also import wav files to build your own drum kits and sample instruments. Wouldn't it be cool to create the kits in one go? We had a closer look at the deluge's kit format which is based on XML. So including it in SampleRobot should be a manageable task. For us the deluge is one of the most innovative sampling instruments. It starts where the Tenori-On ended.

It's a great pleasure that John Bowen joined our artists user group. He created most of the legendary Sequential Circuits sounds which can be heard on so many fantastic albums. So we are looking forward to new samples and sound sets for the Solaris. Check'em out!

Qui Robinez, known from the Korg Kronos community, recently worked with SampleRobot and WaveRobot. "I was really impressed by the autoloop algorithm! Almost every sound i threw at it, SampleRobot was capable of creating great looppoints." Thank you very much for the flowers!


Try out WaveRobot 5

2017/06/15 The Demo version of WaveRobot 5 is now available in the SKYLIFE STORE. Feel free to download it and to check out the new features. At the moment we are planning dedicated video tutorials. Just subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Twitter.


WaveRobot 5 now available - Advanced Loop And Transient Finder

2017/06/07 We are glad to announce that WaveRobot 5 is now officially available on the SKYLIFE STORE. A new demo version is will be available shortly.

WaveRobot 5 offers a fantastic palette of features to auto-truncate and seamlessly loop all kinds of samples. Highly developed loop searching algorithms in combination with marker-based fast-zoom editing deliver optimum results. There is even a backward-forward loop with 2 crossfades available to loop sounds that alter in level over time. Be creative with it and produce cool drones and unheard beats. Talking about beats WaveRobot can export the loop-only section of a sample making it an ideal partner when creating loop-based content for e.g. Ableton's Live. If you change loop markers you can lock tempo or the number of beats and see in realtime how changing the loop length will affect tempo and metrum.

If you have roughly edited samples (even with little background noise) WaveRobot's Auto-Note feature can detect the sound transients and chop off all unwanted silence automatically. If you work with audio and samples on a daily base WaveRobot is a must-have.

WaveRobot 5 is now available in the SKYLIFE STORE for 79$ / 69€ / 75£.

WaveRobot 5 features

  • Sophisticated loop searching based on editable search markers.
  • Automatic transient recognition for truncating of samples.
  • Direct playback of the 5 best loop search results.
  • Graphical loop overlay for visual loop editing.
  • Supersize WaveRobot window (up to 3200 x 2000 pixels).
  • Export full samples or just the loops in WAV or AIFF format.
  • Realtime BPM and Beats display while loop editing.
  • Silence markers for noise threshold definition.
  • Fast zooming from sample level to wave overview.
  • Marker auto-snap to zero-crossings.
  • Loop modes: x-fade and backward-forward with 2 crossfades.
  • Many Autogain crossfade types like lin, log, exp, sin.
  • Pristine rendering of crossfades and backward-forward loops.
  • Overlay of left and right waveforms to see zero crossings.
  • Automatic loop click and pop reduction.
  • Includes new premium multisamples in Soundfont2 format.
  • Optimized graphical user interface.
  • Compatible with Mac OS Sierra and Windows 10.
  • Batch edit functionality in conjunction with SampleRobot.

Last but not least we would like to share this nice user feedback by Chad Taylor which we received a few days ago. Thank you very much!

SampleRobot offered top-notch support when I got stuck while using their software. They were patient and thorough and were able to get me up and running very quickly. Couldn’t have asked for better service or software. SampleRobot has easily cut my product creation time down by 90% of what it used to be. I can’t believe I went this long without it!

-Chad Taylor


SampleRobot @ Musikmesse 2017 / Good Vibrations exhibition

2016/04/03 It is time for Musikmesse in Frankfurt again, from April 5th till 8th. The SKYLIFE team will be around showing new SampleRobot KORG Edition and also WaveRobot 5, which will be released in April. If you would like to meet the SampleRobot team at Musikmesse please drop us a line: support[at]samplerobot[dot]com. We can arrange a meeting then.

There is a nice exhibiton in Berlin at the moment about the history of electronic instruments including vintage tape and sampling instruments like the Mellotron, the Fairlight CMI and the NED Synclavier. The exhibiton is taking place at the Instrument Museum Berlin from 2017/03/25 till 2017/06/25.

Good Vibrations Trailer Video


WaveRobot 5 is on the Way

2017/03/01 Music producers, sound library developers and beat makers work with loops on a daily base. Finding perfect and inaudible loops is a challenging task that can eat up a lot of your creative time. This is where WaveRobot kicks in. Just load a sample or beat, adjust the 3 search markers and let the Autoloop Search function do the rest for you. Instantly you will get the five best results for looping your audio file. Export one of them and you can use the rendered loop in any other audio application.

WaveRobot 5 stand-alone will be available shorty in the SKYLIFE Store. It is already part of SampleRobot 5 Pro and available as an option for SampleRobot Multi-X and the KORG Edition.

WaveRobot 5 features

  • Sophisticated loop searching based on editable search markers
  • Automatic transient recognition for truncating of samples
  • Direct playback of the 5 best loop search results
  • Graphical loop overlay for visual loop editing
  • Supersize WaveRobot window (up to 3200 x 2000 pixels)
  • Realtime BPM and Beats display while loop editing
  • Silence markers for noise threshold definition
  • Fast zooming from sample level to wave overview
  • Loop modes: x-fade and backward-forward with 2 crossfades
  • Many Autogain crossfade types like lin, log, exp, sin.
  • Pristine rendering of crossfades and backward-forward loops.
  • Overlay of left and right waveforms to see zero crossings
  • Automatic loop click and pop reduction
  • Includes new premium multisamples in Soundfont2 format
  • Optimized graphical user interface
  • Compatible with Mac OS Sierra and Windows 10
This short Video from the NAMM show about the SampleRobot KORG Edition also features WaveRobot 5. Many thanks to Joe from


SKYLIFE releases the SampleRobot KORG Edition


2017/01/04 Happy New Year! We are glad to present the long awaited SampleRobot KORG Edition. If you are using KORG instruments that can import samples, like Oasys, Kronos, volca sample or microSAMPLER, you can now feed them with exciting new sound waves very easily. Let SampleRobot clone other instruments and play them in your favorite KORG.

Even if you don't own a KORG instrument there is an additional Wav export available so you can import your samples directly in whatever instrument or DAW you like.

The SampleRobot KORG Edition is the successor of the discontinued SampleRobot Single-X / Volca-X product line. It offers more export formats, improved compatibility and handling.

Users of a previous version of SampleRobot Single-X / Volca-X will find the crossgrade to the SampleRobot KORG Edition here.

The new SampleRobot KORG Edition.

  • Multisample export for KORG Volca Sample.

  • Multisample bank export for KORG microSAMPLER.
  • KMP/KSC/KSF multisample export for many KORG products from Trinity to Triton to Kronos.
  • WAV export (complete and loop-only)
  • Import and export of multiple AIFF files.
  • WaveRobot 5 loop and transient editor as an option.
  • Improved Mac OS X framework, compatible with OS 10.12 Sierra.

  • Adaption for Windows 10.
  • New premium multisamples on bord.
  • Many performance optimizations.
  • Includes 4 cross-platform installation licenses.


Review by Sound Bytes Net Music Magazine / Free Sample Pack

2016/12/01 Rob Mitchell from Sound Bytes magazine has just reviewed SampleRobot 5 Pro. We are very glad that he appreciates the application and the workflow.

If you like the sounds of retro arcade games, there is a free download for you at the end of the review. You can download a full bank of arcade-type sounds taken from the vintage classic synthesizer Roland SH-101. If you need laser fire and explosions as ring tones for your cell, here you go.

Here are some quotes from Rob's review.

"SampleRobot takes away the tedious part of the sampling process, quite simple and fun to work with."

"It definitely can save you a lot of time. I really enjoyed using SampleRobot, and I also believe anyone that is into sampling will find it interesting to work with and easy to use."

"After loading up my test-run SFZ file that SampleRobot created into Dimension Pro, it worked like a charm."

"WaveRobot: Its large display makes it easy to use. Automatic Loop recognition is available, and it finds the best duration and loop settings for you."

Thanks to Rob and the Sound Bytes team!


Pimp your Studio for free


2016/11/07 We have good news from Resonance Sound. They created a bundle of fabulous tools for your music productions, worth 1200 €. Even better that you can get it for free. Pimp your Studio and win the Resonance Sound bundle now including

  • Flowkey Lifetime
  • SampleRobot 5 Pro
  • d16 Silverline
  • d16 PunchBox
  • Zynaptiq Adaptiverb
  • 150 € Voucher for Resonance Sound instruments

Good luck and have fun!


SKYLIFE updates SampleRobot Multi-X to Version 5 / Sampling Tutorial

2016/09/14 Hope you all had a nice summer holiday. We are back in town with the latest release of SampleRobot Multi-X. If you need a professional auto-sampling application that is reasonably-priced then SampleRobot 5 Multi-X is your solution. It is packed with the latest auto-sampling algorithms and comes with a bunch of new sample export formats to make your workflow even easier. Multi-X stands for multi-export and offers all multi-sample export formats from SampleRobot 5 Pro.
You only need to decide whether the WaveRobot option is useful for your work. WaveRobot is a fully integrated waveform editor that gives you full control over loops and transients in your samples. It is used by many professional sound library creators. Have a look at the Users/Artists section on the right.

SampleRobot 5 Multi-X costs 129$ / 99€ / 85£ (199$ / 149€ / 129£ including WaveRobot). It is now available in the SKYLIFE STORE.

SampleRobot 5 Multi-X new features

  • AIFF import and export
  • Korg Volca Sample export
  • Korg microSAMPLER export
  • Korg Kronos/Oasys/Triton/Trinity export
  • TE OP-1 export
  • Project export for sharing and backup
  • New mapping and loop options for multiple import of WAV and AIFF files
  • Projects with up to 128 velocity layers
  • New premium multisamples in Soundfont2 format
  • WaveRobot as an option (supersize sample window up to 3200 x 2000 pixels)
  • Optimized graphical user interface
  • Compatible with Mac OS El Capitan and Windows 10
What else? Here comes a newly released tutorial by Scot Solida for Computer Music magazine. This issue's feature is about TIME SAVING TOOLS. Scot explains the general workflow when sampling MIDI instruments automatically. Thanks to Scot. Check out the Video!


Xpander for the Masses / Delamar Review

2016/08/01 It is time for summer holiday and here comes a free download for all sample junkies. This is a special monophonic sound from the vintage classic Oberheim Xpander synthesizer (American revision) captured by SampleRobot. If you play this multi-sample with a software sampler polyphonically you will get the idea how good the Xpander sounds. SampleRobot sampled all sound nuances and even the dynamics in the articulation. Check the quality of SampleRobot's automatic multi-sampling engine, load the following Soundfont 2 file into your software sampler and play the Original!

Oberheim Xpander Dynamite SKY Soundfont 2

Author Felix Baarß from German web music magazine delamar recently reviewed SampleRobot 5 Pro.

"Support of additional export formats is highly appreciated, Skylife ramped up tidily."

"Here we have a highly complex and also powerful application to create sound libraries out of electronic sound sources."

"This is a must-have for all who would like to create big sample-based (multi-)instruments for various formats."

SampleRobot 5 Pro is rated with VERY GOOD, 4.5 stars out of 5. Thanks to Felix and the delamar team!

Read the full review in German on delamar's website.

We will be back later in September with the new release of SampleRobot 5 Multi-X. Have a nice summer holiday!


Computer Music Performance Award

2016/05/25 We are glad to announce that SampleRobot 5 Pro was just bestowed the Computer Music Performance Award. Thanks very much!

Owen Palmer put SampleRobot to the acid test in the current issue cm231 of Computer Music. Here are some quotes from his review.

"Sit back and let this powerful app clone your hardware or software instruments."

"We're blown away by the range of sampler formats that SampleRobot can export to."

"We can safely say that SampleRobot does everything it's supposed to do, and does it well."

"It has the potential to make your life much easier."

"Rating: 9 out of 10"

Thanks to Owen and the CM team!


SampleRobot 5 Multi-X announced

2016/05/13 It is Friday the 13th and we have good news not only for scary users. We are about to release SampleRobot 5 Multi-X in September. This version offers almost all of the professional autosampling features of its brother SampleRobot Pro on a budget. You will get features for fully automated sampling of MIDI sound sources, hardware and plugins, as well as semi-automatic sampling of acoustic instruments, voices and experimental sounds. With SampleRobot Multi-X you can create large multisample sets lightning fast in the format you like. Multi-X stands for Multi-Export. All available SampleRobot 5 Pro export formats are available also in Multi-X including Soundfont2, HALion, Kronos, microSAMPLER, Volca Sample, OP-1, Kontakt and Reason, EXS24, Dimension, SFZ and WAV.

Compared to SampleRobot 5 Multi-X the Pro version offers up to 24 bit recording depth while Multi-X supports 8 and 16 bit only. SampleRobot Pro also features release sample triggers, a MIDI monitor section and MIDI controllers.

As an option SampleRobot 5 Multi-X can be expanded by the loop and transient editor WaveRobot 5 making editing operations a breeze.

SampleRobot 5 Multi-X will cost 129$ / 99€ / 85£ and it will be available shortly in the SKYLIFE STORE.


SampleRobot @ Musikmesse 2016

2016/04/06 It is time for Musikmesse in Frankfurt again, from April 7th till 10th. The SKYLIFE team will be around showing new SampleRobot 5 Pro and also preliminary versions of SampleRobot 5 Sampling Suite, Multi-X, KORG Edition and WaveRobot. Those newly updated products will be released in April. If you would like to meet the SampleRobot team at Musikmesse please drop us a line: support[at]samplerobot[dot]com. We can arrange a meeting then.

Talking about the Mellotron in our last web news here is a really charming video from 1965 introducing the Mellotron as a wooden "musical computer" to the public. As you can see it is not hard to explain what this wonderful "new" instrument is all about. Keep on filling tapes with tasty samples!

The Mellotron


Do your own sampling as much as you can!

2016/03/02 Recently Jean-Michel Jarre did a video together with NI where he talks about how he was inspired by the sampling technology in the early days. - And he still is! "Do your own sampling as much as you can!" is his mantra. Coming from the Musique Concrète background where he started his artistic work in the french group around Pierre Schaeffer by cutting, modifying, looping and rearranging tape snippets, he recognized that sampling was a key to his musical expression. After all those years he is still using his old hardware samplers like the Fairlight and the Emulator II. He referres to them as beloved instruments with a special character. Video on YouTube (image courtesy of NI).

When we designed the first version of SampleRobot over a decade ago we had this idea of building an application that could help musicians building new instruments via samples fast, pretty much in the mind set of the Musique Concrète. The virtual keys in SampleRobot are like empty tapes on a Mellotron that can be filled with any type of audio, musical notes or concrete sounds, and, of course, those snippets can be looped in various ways with WaveRobot. What instruments like the Mellotron could not do was changing the tapes in real-time in respect to keyboard velocity. So we expanded on that. In the latest version of SampleRobot you have the ability to create up to 128 multisample velocity layers in a single Project. And you do not have to rearrange tape snippets any more! During export SampleRobot will take all those individual samples, stacking and mapping them across the keyboard so you can use the created instrument directly in almost every software and hardware sampler.

We are glad that the editorial stuff of German BEAT magazine recommends SampleRobot 5 in the current issue 04/2016 and rates the application with 6 out of 6.

"The software takes care of all those aspects of sampling with impressive results."
"SampleRobot is and stays the number one when working with loops and multisamples."
"With its clever algorithms the application saves endless time."

Thanks very much to the BEAT editorial!


SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot 5.05 Pro at the NAMM 2016

2016/01/21 Again it is time in Anaheim to meet all the makers of music, instruments, software and hardware, a little bit like Mos Eisley. Here you can find THE pilot for your next trip. How about a new auto-pilot for your next sampling session?

We are glad to announce that SampleRobot 5.05 Pro is now officially available. Whatever you would like to sample for yourself, SampleRobot 5.05 will do the job much faster and very precise. You will get professional, dynamically playable instruments in a jiffy! Copy existing instruments or create completely new ones. Turn hardware into software or turn VST/AU instruments into samples.

With the new Export Project function you can share SampleRobot Projects including the sample data with other users and download new content from the internet. You can use SampleRobot as a batch converter to export samples in the format you like. Whichever sampler, hardware or software, you are using - SampleRobot supports all the important single and multisample formats, such as AIFF, WAV, Soundfont2, Reason NN-XT, HALion, Kontakt, EXS24, SFZ, microSAMPLER, Volca Sample, Kronos, OP-1 etc.

Did you ever try to loop samples in higher octave ranges? Well, you should not do that manually! SampleRobot 5.05 including the looping tool WaveRobot will not cause a nervous breakdown nor a tinnitus. It offers sophisticated auto looping algorithms to find smooth loops in your samples.

Users of a previous version of SampleRobot Pro will find the upgrade to SampleRobot 5 Pro here.

Here is an overview of the new features of SampleRobot 5 Pro

  • Multisample export for Korg Volca Sample.

  • Multisample bank export for Korg microSAMPLER.
  • KMP/KSC/KSF multisample export for many Korg products from Trinity to Triton to Kronos.
  • Drum sample export for Teenage Engineering's OP-1.
  • Import and export of multiple AIFF files.
  • Export Project for sharing and backup purposes.
  • Includes WaveRobot 5 loop and transient editor.
  • Supersize WaveRobot window for resolutions up to 3200 x 2000 pixels.
  • Automapping of imported wave files including various loop and mapping options under OS X.
  • Projects with up to 128 velocity layers.
  • Improved Mac OS X framework, compatible with OS 10.11 El Capitan.

  • Adaption for Windows 10.
  • New premium multisamples on bord.
  • Many performance optimizations.
  • Includes 4 cross-platform installation licenses.

SampleRobot 5.05 is now availabe as download for Mac and PC in the SKYLIFE STORE.


SampleRobot 5 is there


2015/12/26 Merry Christmas! SampleRobot 5 Pro arrived just in time helping us to sample our favorite sounds and instruments during the Xmas holidays. It was never easier to create high quality velocity-sensitive multisamples for various software and hardware samplers. SampleRobot 5 Pro is the latest development in SKYLIFE's automatic sampling technology. The application is now fully compatible with Mac OS X El Capitan and Windows 10. New features include sample export support for Korg Kronos, Triton, Trinity, microSAMPLER and Volca Sample as well as Teenage Engineering's OP-1. Now you can import and export multiple AIFF files as well. WaveRobot 5 is also included offering a super-size window for fast sample transient and loop editing.

Users of a previous version of SampleRobot Pro will find the upgrade to SampleRobot 5 Pro here.

Here is an overview of the new features of SampleRobot 5 Pro

  • Multisample export for Korg Volca Sample.

  • Multisample bank export for Korg microSAMPLER.
  • KMP/KSC/KSF multisample export for many Korg products from Trinity to Triton to Kronos.
  • Drum sample export for Teenage Engineering's OP-1.
  • Import and export of multiple AIFF files.
  • Includes WaveRobot 5 loop and transient editor.
  • Automapping of imported wave files including various loop and mapping options under OS X.
  • Projects with up to 128 velocity layers.
  • Improved Mac OS X framework, compatible with OS 10.11 El Capitan.

  • Adaption for Windows 10.
  • New premium multisamples on bord.
  • Many performance optimizations.
  • Includes 4 cross-platform installation licenses.


Free Sample Instruments by Voltage Underground


2015/11/25 London-based Voltage Underground has just released several free sample instruments for Native Instruments' Kontakt sampler. If you would like to enrich your music with analog punch and modular madness deriving from the real world you better should have a listen and download. All instruments are carefully multi-sampled with the help of SampleRobot. If you like the instruments please spread the word.

Thanks very much to Marian and Peter from VU.


Website Relaunch / KORG Edition


2015/11/11 For the upcoming introduction of SampleRobot 5 this website has been relaunched. Thanks to Thore from prae-sense for designing and streamlining. Now Twitter and YouTube channel are directly accessible. You can follow us on Twitter to receive the latest news about SampleRobot, free sample sets and tutorials. If you own a Korg microSAMPLER this free SKYLIFE sample pack might be interesting for you.

We are glad that the upcoming SampleRobot KORG Edition (former Volca-X) is already mentioned on the official Korg Volca Sample 3rd party developers page. Special thanks to Tats from Korg Japan. SampleRobot KORG Edition will be available shortly. Apart from the Volca Sample support it features additional multi-sample formats used in KORG products like Kronos, Triton and microSAMPLER. The SampleRobot KORG Edition supports AIFF as well as WAV files for import. So you can easily convert your existing samples and multisamples for your KORG instruments.


New SampleRobot 5 Product Lineup announced


2015/10/15 Is it gold or is it rust? We have good news for you! The next major update of the SampleRobot product lineup is on the way to you. Planned to be released in November the upcoming version 5 offers a lot of new features that take automated sampling to the next level. After 10 years since the first release of SampleRobot we are very proud that the saga continues with our best SampleRobot and WaveRobot so far. Here is a short preview what's on the feature list.

  • Multisample export for Korg Volca Sample.

  • Multisample bank export for Korg microSAMPLER.
  • KMP/KSC/KSF multisample export for many Korg products from Trinity to Triton to Kronos.
  • Special SampleRobot KORG Edition available with all Korg export formats.
  • Automapping of imported wave files including various loop and mapping options under OS X.
  • Projects with up to 128 velocity layers.
  • Improved Mac OS X framework, compatible with OS 10.11 El Capitan.

  • Adaption for Windows 10.
  • New premium multisamples on bord.
  • Many performance optimizations.
  • Includes 4 cross-platform installation licenses.

The grace period for upgrading has started already. All new version 4 users (except SampleRobot Single-X version) will receive a free upgrade to new version 5. SampleRobot Single-X products are discontinued with the release of version 5. Dedicated users can upgrade to SampleRobot Multi-X / Pro / Sampling Suite or to the KORG Edition.

Interview with Daniel Hassbecker

2015/07/21 Daniel Hassbecker is a live keyboard player and composer based in Germany. He performs with German pop music stars like Frida Gold, Joachim Witt, Tim Bendzko and Silly. Daniel is at home on the big stages as well as in the studio. We are very glad that we had the chance to chat with him about his work.

Daniel, please tell us a little bit about your collaboration with German shooting star Tim Bendzko.

Daniel Hassbecker: I play in his live bank since 2011 and Tim wanted to do the following album with his band. Prior to recording songs from "Am seidenen Faden" in the studio, we locked us up in the rehearsal room. Tim played his demos and we developped a kind of band/live arrangement. Not until this was finished we entered the studio.

You also work for the band Silly. How is the creative process compared to working with Tim?

I play in Silly’s live band since 2005. The live set is build with the sound of the master recordings in mind. I have to pre-program the sounds so that they sound like those from the final production. And I perform the same way. Playing with Tim offers me more freedom. I can propose things. Tim does not tell me what to play and which sounds I have to use. He just gives me an idea and I have to find a way to translate that. If he doesn’t like it I have to come up with an alternative.

How do you find the right sounds for your performances?

With so many software instruments available the sound palette is huge. For designing sounds I prefer instruments like the Nordstage 2 and the Nord Electro 4 from Clavia. They have all the sounds I need, like Mellotron, organ, Rhodes, Wurlitzer, upright pianos and concert grands. All these patches sound super and I can edit them very easily. Instead of a thousand menus there is one button or rotary for every parameter. If I want to use strings and other orchestral instruments I use Mainstage and Komplete 8. My old fellow JV2080 still does a good job when it comes to sound pads.

Do you program the sounds yourself or do you prefer presets?

In most cases I search for a preset that comes close to my wish and then I fine-tune it so that it fits.

Do you use samplers on stage?

I don’t use hardware samplers because of RAM limitations, but software. Editing the Kontakt sampler is a lot easier, too.

How important is sampling?

Very important! Otherwise I had to drive a 7.5 tons truck with an original B3, Rhodes and other stuff to the concert.

Recently you discovered SampleRobot. What happened?

I changed my setup for Silly and wanted to get rid of my old XP-50. But I still need some of its sounds for my gigs. So I became aware of SampleRobot. I sampled the synth with it and created Kontakt files out of it. Therefore I used the automatic sampling function. Just a few settings in the sampling wizard, then I could let the program run and done – this is the sound as Kontakt file format. I have done this with a couple of other sounds as well and I am really convinced by the result. Now I can still play these sounds although the synth is not part of my setup any more. Superb!

What do you think about sampled versus live instruments?

A real instrument still responds better than a sampled one. Every piano sounds different. In the studio I prefer real instruments but for a live setup this can get difficult. Transportation and technical issues can be a hassle. Then you have to regularely service the instrument. And it suffers on tour. If you put a concert grand on stage with some mics you might get more drums than piano sound. If the whole band is playing, a sampled instrument can cut better through the mix.

Being a musician on stage, is that a dream?

Yes, that was pretty much a dream as long as I can think. I am a live performer. I was born into a musicians family and have seen my dad’s rock concerts at an early age and also some classical performances of my grandparents. I knew I wanted to do that, too. At the age of 14 I enjoyed a concert of Sting at the „Berliner Waldbuehne“. That is where I stand with Tim on stage in 2013. It was a truely impressive moment!

Thanks very much!

Images copyright by Klaus Sahm (1,2) and Grit Siwonia (3).


New YouTube Channel


2015/06/03 With the latest SampleRobot Volca-X release we have introduced a new SampleRobot YouTube Channel. You can let us know via Twitter which features you would like to see covered in a future video tutorial. Also, if you have produced a video showing SampleRobot in action please let us know. We would be glad to link it and tweet about it. Thanks and happy sampling!


SKYLIFE releases SampleRobot Volca-X

2015/04/30 If you own a Korg Volca Sample and would like to feed it with exciting samples then SampleRobot Volca-X could be your new partner in law. SampleRobot Volca-X is available from today on for Mac OS X and Windows. Combine the best of both sound worlds, hardware and software. Play your plug-in sounds on your Volca Sample, sample vintage drum machines automatically, slice all-in-one files, store all your sample banks on hard disk, rearrange sample slots, use the stereo export options to mock stereo sample playback on the Volca Sample, etc.

Have a look at our latest hands-on video on the right side.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. If you really would like to queeze the best out of your Volca Sample you better get your hands on SampleRobot Volca-X.

There are two versions of SampleRobot Volca-X available. One contains our sophisticated sample and loop editor WaveRobot. The WaveRobot window can be used in supersize mode for sample display resolution up to 3200 x 2000 pixels.

Work with the WaveRobot markers for sample start and end point instead of destructively truncating the sound. So you can always go back and have your original samples untouched. Use the backward-forward loop with 2 crossfades to create completely new sounds. Let your beats be alive and kicking. With WaveRobot you will get the most out of your samples.

Both versions of SampleRobot Volca-X are now available at the SKYLIFE STORE.

SampleRobot Volca-X (59 $ / 39 £ / 49 €)
SampleRobot Volca-X + WaveRobot (129 $ / 85 £ / 99 €)

For a full overview what's new in SampleRobot Volca-X please have a look at our latest SampleRobot Version History.

For more information about Korg's Volca Sample have a look at Korg's product page.

Happy sampling and gigging with Korg Volca Sample and SampleRobot Volca-X!


Sampling virtual Instruments


2015/04/24 One of big challenges in sampling virtual instruments is to establish virtual audio and MIDI connections which especially for beginners is not an easy task. So we are more than happy that Ultimate Outsider from Portland, Oregon, has covered this complex matter in his blog. We can recommend this useful and easy-to-follow tutorial to everyone interested in sampling virtual instruments. The tutorial is based on tools available for Windows. You can apply the same method when working on Mac. Johan Looijenga nicely summed up on his website how to create virtual MIDI ports on Mac. And for the virtual audio cable you can use the well known Soundflower for OS X. Have fun and thanks to Ultimate Outsider!


SampleRobot Volca-X announced


2015/02/25 We are glad to announce a new SampleRobot version which fully supports KORG's new digital sample sequencer Volca Sample. SampleRobot Volca-X is Volca Sample's best friend. It offers all features that you need to manage, convert and dump all your custom samples. It is a budget-friendly companion (39 £ / 49 € / 59 $) and it offers all the sophisticated sampling features of SampleRobot Single-X. Ever wanted to turn your vintage drum machine or even your plugins into a Volca Sample bank? SampleRobot Volca-X can do the job for you - ultra fast! Record or import samples, slice "all-in-one" files, rearrange sample slots. SampleRobot Volca-X is all you need when working with Volca Sample.

  • Dump up to 100 samples at once to Volca Sample.
  • Support for multiple bit and sampling resolutions.
  • Automatic high quality resampling for Volca Sample.
  • Save all your sample banks as Projects.
  • Sample bank function: Erase.
  • Sample bank function: Restore factory samples.
  • Import multiple wave files at once.
  • Slice "all-in-one" files.
  • Sample size calculation and progress display.
  • Flexible stereo-mono rendering.
  • Different loop export modes.
  • Sophisticated auto-sampling features.
  • WaveRobot editor available as option.
  • Compatible with Windows and OS X.
  • Available April 2015.


SampleRobot at the Namm Show 2015


2015/01/13 If you plan to visit the Namm Show (22nd of Jan till 25th) in Anaheim, California, we would be glad to meet you there. See SampleRobot and WaveRobot in action! If you have personal questions about the products, we would be more than happy to answer them and to show you some in-depth SampleRobot sampling tricks. Please send an email to support[at]samplerobot[dot]com and we will arrange a meeting. Hope to see you at the show!


SampleRobot V4.8 Pro released / Christmas Gift / NAMM Show

2014/12/23 Just in time for Christmas holidays SampleRobot V4.8 Pro has arrived now. It is available for OS X and Windows. The new version includes support for up to 128 velocity layers in a single Project. Furthermore it offers a supersize WaveRobot window for screen resolutions up to 3200x2000 pixels and uses an updated OSX framework compatible with Yosemite. For more information please have a look at the latest Version History.

New SampleRobot Pro customers will receive a free upgrade token to version 5 available Q01/2015.

What about the SKYLIFE Christmas gift? Here is one. It is (not only) for the users of KORG's microSAMPLER. We have 4 new sound banks for you: AMBIENTE, NEURONIC, ELEKTRON, NOIZCUTZ. If you don't own a microSAMPLER you can use KORG's free microSAMPLER editor to extract the samples.

The ambient loops and airy beats from the AMBIENTE sample bank fuse into inspiring mood tracks. This is an atmospheric sound construction kit of the special kind. Have a listen here: A Day In Iceland

Sounds from the legendary Hartmann Neuron Synthesizer form the heart of the NEURONIC sample set. Rich modulated textures, extraordinary morph sounds and neuronic effects reminiscent of film scores enrich every music production.

In the ELEKTRON bank pulsating analog sounds and a sampled analog drum synthesizer let the microSAMPLER become a muscle machine for all sorts of electronic music. The single samples cut through the mix already but you can layer them synced in tempo for full impact. Here is a demo track: Literace

For the sample bank NOIZCUTZ sounds from an old multi-band transistor radio were captured with SampleRobot. You can find all kinds of short and long wave sweeps, typical noise patterns and sound shreds from the flood of radio waves surrounding us every day.

Merry Christmas to all of you, happy sampling and all the best for 2015 from SKYLIFE.

We do not have a booth at NAMM in January but we are around. So if you would like to meet us at NAMM from Jan 23rd-25th please drop us an email support[at]samplerobot[dot]com. We are looking forward to meet you there!


SampleRobot 4.8 Pro announced


2014/12/05 We are glad to announce that there will be a new version of SampleRobot Pro available soon including unique functions like a supersize WaveRobot editing window and enhanced support for up to 128 velocity layers per Project. This version 4.8 upgrade is free of charge for all users of SampleRobot 4 Pro. Furthermore new customers will receive a free upgrade token to version 5 of SampleRobot Pro, to be released in 2015/Q01. The grace period has started now. Here is what's new in SampleRobot 4.8 Pro:

  • Support for up to 128 velocity layers in a single Project.

  • Enhanced velocity auto-mapping for all export formats.

  • Supersize WaveRobot window for screen resolutions up to 3200x2000 pixels.

  • Advanced audio transient recognition for elimination of silence at sample start.
  • Improved Mac OSX framework, compatible with OS 10.10 Yosemite.

  • Optimized activation process.

  • Includes 5 new skins and color schemes.
  • Includes 4 additional Premium Multisample Banks in SF2 format: AMBIENTE, NEURONIC, ELEKTRON and NOIZCUTZ.
  • Various optimizations in respect to graphical user interface and functionality.
  • Comes with free upgrade token to version 5 of SampleRobot Pro for all new customers.
  • Includes 4 cross-platform installation licenses.


New Licensing Model for all Versions


2014/10/20 From now on all users of SampleRobot can install the application on up to four different computers and use all licenses at the same time. When purchasing SampleRobot now you have four licenses which you can freely assign either to Mac or PC systems or both, no matter if laptop or studio.

A lot of professional sampling users asked to extend the licensing to more than two computers. So that is what we do now. Of course, free of charge for all. Have fun!


Quote from Sample Magic


2014/08/18 Sample Magic is one of the big names for digital audio content production. The company provides premium loops and samples to music producers in a lot of different styles from house and electro through dubstep to disco to chillout and soundtrack.

This is what Sharooz Raoofi, Co-Founder of Sample Magic, has to say about SampleRobot:

"Samplerobot has been a HUGE timesaver for me. Being on the road and not having access to my synths it is the perfect solution for quickly and efficiently multisampling hardware favourites. Essential software."


SampleRobot now on Twitter


2014/07/24 It is never too late. SampleRobot was recently upgraded with a new social hardware board. Now he can communicate via Twitter. Find out more and follow @SampleRobot!

As a little thank you we would like to reward all early-bird followers with a 20 € coupon for all SampleRobot and WaveRobot products in the SKYLIFE STORE.

The coupon is valid till end of August.

Have a nice summer holiday!


New Single-X Upgrades available


2014/07/07 If you are using the single-export version of SampleRobot and would like to benefit from the comprehensive WaveRobot editing and loop processing capabilities there are new upgrade products in the SKYLIFE STORE for you.

For the first time SampleRobot Single-X users can upgrade to the latest version 4.73 Single-X + WaveRobot at a low price. If you like to upgrade to another export format, other than the one you have chosen with your previous Single-X version, no problem. You can even use both versions in parallel on different computers.

The upgrade to SampleRobot Single-X + WaveRobot is highly recommended for musicians and sound designers that would like to have ultimate control over loops and transitions. Use backward-forward loops with two transitions, find optimum loop points ultra-fast and build your own inspiring sample instruments!


SampleRobot Sampling Suite: Awave Studio upgraded to Version 11


2014/04/09 Here is good news for all users of Korg Kronos, M50, M3 and Native Instruments Kontakt. New Awave Studio 11 supports multiple new sampler formats and is contained in the SampleRobot Sampling Suite now. When it comes to sample format conversion nobody can beat Awave Studio. Together with SampleRobot this package is the Swiss Army Knife for all sampling adventures. Awave Studio now supports about 300 audio file formats and allows conversion, batch processing and high-level multi-sample editing. Here are some of the new features:

  • Added support for reading Native Instrument Kontakt instruments (.NKI) and multi banks (.NKM). NB; only files compatible with Kontakt versions predating v.4.2.2 are supported. Files written by later versions use a different binary format which is not supported.

  • Added support for reading and writing Korg Kronos program collection files (.PCG).

  • Added support for reading and writing Korg M3 and M50 program collection files (.PCG).
  • Added support for reading and writing Korg M50 program collection files (.PCG).

  • Added support for writing (in addition to reading) Korg Triton LE program collection file (.PCG).

  • Improved conversion of Korg Triton and Korg Trinity program bank files (.PCG).

  • Added support for reading & writing Korg Kronos samples (.KSF), keymaps (.KMP) and script files (.KSC).
  • Added support for reading Opus audio streams (.OPUS).
  • Added support for reading and writing Wusik 4000 files (.W4KSND).

  • Improved conversion from Kurzweil K2000-series files (.KRZ).

  • Added support for reading AdLib Visual Composer song files (.ROL + .BNK).
  • Many more features.


KEYS Personal Samples - SampleRobot in continuous Operation


2014/01/16 We hope you had a good start in 2014. In the current issue of German KEYS magazine author Lars Bohn explains how he creates the KEYS Personal Samples which have become a crucial part of each new issue. For about one and a half year he contributes high quality multi-sampled instruments on a monthy base. For the sampling process Lars uses SampleRobot.

"If you are sampling a sound source like the Nord Lead 3 which supports MIDI, SampleRobot takes control of the instrument to elict a bunch of individual samples. So the sampling is fully automated."

Another important part during sampling is getting the best loops for each sample.

"A big help is the application SKYLIFE WaveRobot when it comes to arduous loop programming by hand. It can be used inside of SampleRobot."

Lars appreciates some practical functions of WaveRobot.

"If you have found optimum loop settings for one sample you can use those settings with the 'Auto-Loop for All' function as a template for the automatic loop search of all single samples contained in one sound. Very useful." 

We would like to thank Lars Bohn for providing all users with wonderful samples and we are looking forward to the upcoming instruments!


A new SampleRobot video produced by Dom Kane is available on Plugin Boutique's website. It explains the basic workflow in SampleRobot. Thanks to Dom and Plugin Boutique for the production. Highly appreciated!


Rubik's Futuro Cube - A fantastic Christmas Gift


2013/12/07 Are you still in search for the perfect Christmas gift? Maybe this one is something for you. The battle between Playstation 4 and XBox One has just begun but we think that the Rubik's Futuro Cube is the true gaming console that beats them all.

This is a motion-sensitive cube equipped with 54 RGB LEDs that follows the eighties' classic from Rubik. There are a lot of challenging new games included and also classics like Snake and a cube version of Tetris. It is a lot a lot fun to play!

The Futuro Cube could also be your next best excuse for failing to meet the production deadline.

By the way, 2 cubes can be synced wirelessly for multiplayer gaming. And if you are skilled you can create your own games with an SDK. This is madness!

And what has this to do with SampleRobot? Oh, we forgot to mention, the Futuro Cube can talk and play sound effects and music. With the new operating system there are a lot of new sound assets produced with SampleRobot.

Merry Christmas to all of you!


Giggler App meets SampleRobot

2013/11/28 Giggler is the new iOS app in the Apple App Store that comes with a lot of Hollywood-style sound effects from various film genres which you can add to your own video clips. For the production of this app SampleRobot and WaveRobot were used extensively. We talked to Andreas Fuchs, Head Of Audio Production for Giggler, about sampling and new challenges of audio app production.

What is Giggler about?

Andreas Fuchs: Giggler is about the fascination of syncing sound to moving images. But this time you do not need experience and audio postproduction skills. With Giggler everyone can experience how videos become alive with new and unexpected sounds. With Giggler it is really easy to add a special sound world to a video clip. People are having a of lot fun with it. We get fantastic feedback from all over the world.

Which sound worlds are included?

There are typical Hollywood film genres like CARTOON, SCI-FI, HORROR, Sitcom and more to come in the future. From Psycho strings to Tarzan yell, laser guns to cheers and laughter, you will find a lot of cliché sounds to enrich any video clip.

What is your professional background?

My profession is film composer and sound designer. Some time ago I also contributed to productions in Hollywood. I work part-time at the Filmakademie filmschool in southern Germany as project adviser for the Film Music department.  There I coordinate also the orchestral recording sessions for the students.

Talking about recordings, what is the origin of the sounds from Giggler?

The production was multifaceted. We worked with foley artists, ensembles and instrumentalists. The laughters for Sitcom derived from an orchestra, this time without instruments. Of course, we recorded some analog and digital synths for SCI-FI. It was really a total fun job to identfy sounds for each genre and then designing them on that professional film sound level.

Which were the challenges for the sound production?

We use references for most of our sounds. And they derive from the top Hollywood productions of the last decades: Star Wars, Psycho, Postergeist, Road Runner, Loony Toons... It's a long list. The real challenge was finding and understanding the sound essence of a specific film genre and then giving those sounds in an easy-to-handle way to the user. We found out that in some Hollywood scenes often two sounds are used in conjunction. The typical cartoon falling is combined with a crash for landing, for example. So we needed a method to make those different events syncable in Giggler. We came up with an idea to use a release-sample trigger borrowed from the professional sampling world. Now in Giggler if you push the dedicated sound button you hear the falling, if you push it again you will get get the crash. And all of this can be recorded live to the video playback.

How did you use SampleRobot and WaveRobot for your work?

All sounds are sampled from different sources, so it makes sense to have one sampling application where you can easily organize all assets. Since many of the sounds include loops we also needed an application allowing loop editing on a professional and high-speed level. For us SampleRobot including WaveRobot was the perfect match. I saved a lot of time tweeking loops, I saved a lot of in-app memory since I could use loops that are shorter but still without recognizable patterns and all loops turned out to be perfectly smooth.

Which special features of SampleRobot and WaveRobot do you use most?

It was important for me to have a visual feedback for the loop transitions. This is brilliantly done in WaveRobot. You can see in real-time how the loop connects if you move the loop markers. This is also very useful when zooming the waveforms since the overlay gives you always an orientation. Visual zooming is very fast and perfectly integrated into the workflow. I haven't seen this on any other application. Another pretty useful function is the real-time listening of loop crossfades without rendering, even with automatic loudness compensation.

You mentioned that new genres will come, which ones?

We let the users decide. There are some assets already produced for other Hollywood genres, guess which! There is one surprise genre in the production pipeline. All users will be informed in Giggler as soon as it is available.

Will there be new sounds for the genres that are available right now?

Definitely! There was already a Giggler update that contained a bunch of new sounds. Those sounds are free for all users who have downloaded the dedicated genre.

What's the price tag of Giggler?

You can download Giggler free of charge from the Apple App Store. The genre CARTOON is included. If you register with your email, you will get HORROR for free. SCI-FI and Sitcom are available for 2.99 $ each.

Thank you for the interview.


SampleRobot Sampling Suite (V4.7) now available for Mac OS X and Windows

2013/07/16 The new SampleRobot Sampling Suite is now available for Mac OS X as well as Windows. Now all SampleRobot and WaveRobot products are cross-platform compatible.

The SampleRobot Sampling Suite contains:

+ SampleRobot 4
+ WaveRobot 4
+ Awave Studio 10.6
+ Alchemy Player 1.5
+ More than 1 GB Premium Samples in Soundfont 2 Format

It is now available for 399 USD in the SKYLIFE STORE.

The Suite is the top-of-the-line full feature product for professional sample library developers and semiprofessional sampling enthusiasts.

It was never easier to build sample-based instruments on a professional top-quality level. And you can play them instantly. Therefore the Sampling Suite offers a comprehensive and sophisticated set of tools for instrument mapping and export, auto sampling, MIDI remote control, format conversion (290 audio formats), batch and auto loop processing, sample playback and synthesis.


SampleRobot Sampling Suite for Mac OS X preliminary Order

2013/06/11 Forthcoming is the new release of the SampleRobot Sampling Suite for Mac OS X. For the first time all Mac users can benefit from the professional sample converter Awave Studio in combination with SampleRobot and Alchemy Player. Create, convert, play and edit complex multi-samples and instruments with ease.

With the SampleRobot Sampling Suite Mac users can master all kinds of sampling challenges. It is a complete software package that should be part of every studio.

From now on you can pre-order the SampleRobot Sampling Suite for Mac OS X
at a special price of 349 US Dollar. It is available in the SKYLIFE STORE. The SampleRobot Sampling Suite for Mac OS X will be delivered in calendar week 29. The final product price is 399 US Dollar.

Here are the key features of the SampleRobot Sampling Suite:

+ Turn acoustic and electronic instruments, voices and noises into virtual instruments fast
+ Fully automated sampling
+ Intuitive project assistant
+ Sophisticated auto-loop processing and editing
+ Alchemy Export Bridge
+ Sampling of virtual instruments
+ Play your samples directly after export, edit effects, modulation and envelopes
+ Convert about 290 audio and multi-sample formats
+ Import formats like AKAI S1000, MPC, Kurzweil K2xxx, Roland S, Ensoniq and MIDI Sample Dump
+ Extract samples from sampling CDs
+ Audio batch processing, auto-loop for all, resampling, normalizing, gaining, fading
+ Export samples directly to Steinberg HALion 4, Logic Pro EXS24, NI Kontakt 4, Reason NN-XT, Waldorf Blofeld, Soundfont2 and many others
+ Import and export for Yamaha Tyros 2+3, Motif XS+XF
+ Full MIDI remote control, incl. program and bank changes, multi-velocity layering
+ Release-sample editing
+ Optimum loop handling incl. forward-backward loop with 2 independent crossfades and auto-gain functionality
+ Sample and export whole synthesizer sound bank in one go (Instrument Copier)
+ Premium multi-samples from classic synthesizers included


SampleRobot Special Offer / Video Tutorial SampleRobot Virtual Cable

2013/05/22 May is getting hot: If you order SampleRobot Single-X, Multi-X, Pro or the Sampling Suite now from SKYLIFE STORE, you will get the new product bundle SampleRobot Virtual Cable + Instrument Host for free! So new users can benefit directly from the advantages of flexible computer-internal sampling and also from the integration of VSTis and effects. Users of SampleRobot (also Single-X, Multi-X, Essentials) upgrading to SampleRobot Pro or the Sampling Suite now, will also receive the product bundle free of charge.

This offer is finished.

We are glad that the makers of had a closer look at SampleRobot Virtual Cable + Instrument Host on their website. They also recorded a nice Video Tutorial in English with useful tips. We would like to say thank you!


SampleRobot Virtual Cable + Instrument Host released

2013/04/16 The new SKYLIFE software bundle SampleRobot Virtual Cable + Instrument Host presented at Musikmesse 2013 is now available on the SKYLIFE STORE.

SampleRobot Virtual Cable is a virtual audio driver for Windows computers. Have you ever wanted to record audio that momentary plays on your computer and save it to your hard drive? Or do you need a possibility to stream audio from one application to another? Maybe you would like to sample virtual instruments?

All this is now possible with SampleRobot Virtual Cable.

SampleRobot Virtual Cable consists of four independently usable stereo audio streams with fully flexible routing. After installation (32 + 64 bit versions are included) you have four more audio devices on your system: four virtual stereo inputs and four virtual stereo outputs. Record audio from sources like Skype, YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, web radio, virtual instruments etc. (abiding by relevant copyright laws and license agreements). SampleRobot Virtual Cable + Instrument Host is a discrete software bundle that can be used in conjunction with the sampling application SampleRobot as well as independently with other applications.

SampleRobot Instrument Host is the ideal partner for SampleRobot Virtual Cable. Both applications can be installed separatly or in conjunction.

With SampleRobot Instrument Host you can easily create chains and layers of virtual instruments and effects. If you need a high-performance plugin host with streamlined connectivity options, you should take a closer look at SampleRobot Instrument Host.

By visually connecting different VSTis and effects you can easily handle complex setups. Then store your preferred settings as presets. In SampleRobot Instrument Host you have four slots which can be filled with plugins, taking advantage of the four individual audio streams provided by the Virtual Cable since each slot has own settings for audio input and output.

Last but not least, sampling of virtual instruments and VSTi layers including internal and external effects is now possible with no need for specialized audio hardware. In conjunction with SampleRobot Sampling Suite / Pro / Multi-X / Single-X you can fully automate the process of sampling and create high-performance multi-sample versions of CPU-hungry plugins and chains. When sampling VSTi chains and layerings, the created multi-samples will load up much faster in your DAW than all the desired sound-generating plugins. Furthermore CPU-load is reduced to minimum.

Key features

  • Have four independent stereo virtual audio streams for audio routing between different applications.
  • Make any audio recording application a recorder of live audio streams, played on your computer by web sites / web radio and by applications like Skype, YouTube, Vimeo, Spotify, etc. (abiding by relevant copyright laws and license agreements).
  • Create high-performance multi-sample versions of CPU-hungry plugins, layerings and chains (in conjunction with SampleRobot).
  • Save time when loading multi-samples instead of various sound-generating plugins and instances (in conjunction with SampleRobot).
  • SampleRobot Virtual Cable can be accessed system-wide and is compatible with all applications that play / record audio.
  • Works standalone without SampleRobot installation.
  • Smooth integration and interaction with SampleRobot to sample virtual instruments fully automatically, fast and easy.
  • Stack instruments and effects in SampleRobot Instrument Host to allow layering and audio processing during the sampling process.
  • Drag analog-style cable connections in SampleRobot Instrument Host.
  • Save and recall your preferred audio routings and stacking configurations.


Musikmesse 2013


2013/04/09 Meet the SKYLIFE Team on Thursday, 2013/04/11, and Friday, 2013/04/12 at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. If you are interested to check out the latest SampleRobot version or if you would like to see the new SKYLIFE product SampleRobot Virtual Cable + Instrument Host in action or if you have any product-related questions, please send an email for your personal demo to: contact[at]

We are looking forward to meet you in Frankfurt!

Musikmesse takes place from 2013/04/10 till 2013/04/13.


New: SampleRobot 4.5 Single-X / For the first Time available for OS X

2013/04/03 It was about time. SampleRobot Single-X is now also available for the very first time for Mac OS X. New version 4.51 contains installers for OS X (10.6.-10.8) as well as Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP.

SampleRobot Single-X offers a lot of sampling features from SampleRobot Pro at a fantastic price. If you are using mostly one sampler type and therefore you need only one export format, with SampleRobot Single-X you can create professional sample sets and transfer your instruments to the digital domain. SampleRobot Single-X is available with different export format options:

Kontakt and Reason
Soundfont 2
SFZ / Dimension

Furthermore SampleRobot Single-X can be combined with the professional loop editor WaveRobot, which is seemlessly integrated.

SampleRobot Single-X on the SKYLIFE STORE
SampleRobot Single-X + WaveRobot on the SKYLIFE STORE


SampleRobot 4.5 Pro and Multi-X released / New Demo Versions


2013/03/10 Newly released SampleRobot 4.5 Pro and Multi-X are available for Mac as well as PC. The new installers for OS X are fully compatible with OS 10.8 and offer a new framework with many optimizations and speed advantages for SampleRobot. Streamlined recording processes and path architecture, combined with enhanced support for various audio interfaces, make sampling with optimum results a breeze.

The PC version of SampleRobot 4.5 offers enhanced support for Windows 8 and includes a new virtual interface. SampleRobot can be connected to the SampleRobot Instrument Host which will be released shortly. In conjunction with the SampleRobot Virtual Cable this interface has the ability to sample virtual instruments and all audio streams that are played on the computer like web radio, music streams and other media data, abiding by relevant copyright laws and license agreements.

SampleRobot Virtual Cable + Instrument Host is an additional product that you can use in conjunction with SampleRobot as well as independently with other applications. The download will be available soon on the SKYLIFE STORE.

There are new Demos of SampleRobot 4.5 Pro and SampleRobot 4.5 Multi-X + WaveRobot as well, which you can download without registration by following the right side links. Have fun testing them!


SampleRobot Review in German c't Magazine / New Money Back Guarantee


2013/01/14 We wish you all the best for 2013.

The new year already started well. Nico Jurran, author of German's famous c't magazine for computer and technology, reviewed the latest version of SampleRobot Multi-X for issue 2013/01. He concludes: "Sampling an instrument that is connected via MIDI to the sound card is very easy: In this case SampleRobot sends out for each note and for up to 32 velocity layers the dedicated control data and records all sounds. Loops are recognized automatically." and "During the test the automatic cloning of a MIDI instrument created amazingly-good results."

There is also good news from SKYLIFE STORE. From the 15th of January 2013 on, all new SampleRobot customers have a 14 days money back guarantee when purchasing SampleRobot and WabeRobot products. Now you can order all products without any risks!


Merry X-Mas / Redmatica Crossgrade Deal


2012/12/24 We wish you Merry X-mas!

A few weeks ago Redmatica, known for their Autosampler application, has closed their doors. The company will not do any development for their products in the future nor provide any support for their users. Furthermore there is no adaption for the current operating system. We would like to offer all Autosampler users crossgrading to OS X-compatible SampleRobot Pro, SampleRobot Multi-X or SampleRobot Multi-X + WaveRobot at a 50% rebate. Please send an e-mail with your Autosampler serial number and the name of the desired crossgrade product to: support(at) This offer is limited in time till the end of NAMM Show end of January 2013.

SampleRobot Multi-X for Mac OS X and new Demo Versions


2012/09/14 After the cross-platform release of SampleRobot Pro from now on SampleRobot Multi-X is also available for Mac OS X. With an attractive pricing and many important sampling features SampleRobot Multi-X is the ideal sampling solution for all musicians and sound designers who want to enhance their productions with self-sampled sounds.

At SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP SampleRobot Multi-X is available as download alternatively with and without WaveRobot.

SampleRobot Pro and Multi-X are now upated to version 4.25 with optimized cross-platform support for Mac OS X and Windows 7. Furthermore an updated operation manual is included.

Finally we are glad to provide you with our new SampleRobot cross-platform demos which you can download directly from this site on the right.

As an alternative you can download the demos as usual from SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP. If you choose this download option you will receive a rebate coupon for your next order:

SampleRobot 4 Pro Demo at SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP
SampleRobot 4 Multi-X + WaveRobot Demo at SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP


SampleRobot 4 Pro for OS X now available


2012/09/03 After many feverish weeks and extreme exertion at mission control SampleRobot safely landed on the other side. SampleRobot Pro is now also available for Apple Mac OS X. Scientists and musicians are relieved. Here are his first words which reached us with a little delay:

"A small step for me but a giant leap for sampling."

SampleRobot 4 Pro for Mac OS X - Preliminary Order Promotion


2012/08/17 We have good news for all Mac OS X users. From September 1st on SampleRobot Pro will be available for Mac OS X as well. We have a very special offer.

This is your chance to save 50 USD / 40 GBP / 50 EUR / 50 CHF when pre-ordering SampleRobot 4 Pro for Mac now.

And that's not nearly all: If you place your pre-order now you will receive an additional SampleRobot 4 Pro Windows license. Both licenses can be used in parallel.

This offer is closed now.

Follow this link to SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP:

SampleRobot 4 Pro cross-platform

With SampleRobot 4 Pro you can easily do automatic sampling of acoustic and electronic instruments. It does not matter what you would like to sample: orchestral instruments, choir, organs, electric guitars, ethnic percussion, adlips, sound scapes, noises, MIDI gear, virtual instruments, alpenhorns or whatever, SampleRobot makes your sampling as fast and as satisfying as possible. SampleRobot samples all sound nuances automatically and creates high-end sampled instruments in various formats. Seamless integrated WaveRobot software finds perfect loop points even for whole multi-samples with different velocity layers during recording. It was never easier to build professional-sounding software instruments.

Benefits of SampleRobot

  • Feed your compositions with inspiring samples from the world outside your studio
  • Create digital copies of your favorite instruments and sounds
  • Borrow instruments and keep a virtual copy (abiding by relevant copyright laws and license agreements of course)
  • Build and sell/share your own sample libraries
  • Have all your sound hardware on your hard disk and travel with your laptop
  • Buy used gear and resell it after automatic sampling
  • Use all your software instruments cross-platform
  • Work in other studios or on stage without carrying additional sound expanders
  • Play monophonic instruments polyphonically
  • Total recall for every session


New Single-X Versions


2012/08/13 New export versions of SampleRobot Single-X are now available for download at the SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP. If you are using mainly one software or hardware sampler you can work with SampleRobot Single-X at a low cost.

For the first time all users who want to create SoundFont 2 files easily can benefit from it. SoundFont 2 files can be imported into many software samplers like Apple's Logic Pro EXS24 and Yellow Tools' Independence. Furthermore there are new SampleRobot versions with the single exports for HALion, Wusik Station (optionally including Wusik Station V7 Engine) and SFZ.

SampleRobot Single-X at SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP.




2012/08/13 Our newly-designed online shop gives you now even faster and easier access to all products. As an option you can receive SampleRobot and WaveRobot products as packaged versions. Just add "Box" as a comment during the purchasing process. Shipping costs vary depending on the location. Delivery inside of Germany is free of charge.

If you are interested to receive news about SampleRobot and special promotions please sign-up for our newsletter on the upper right corner of this page. We are looking forward to your subscription!


SampleRobot 4 Review


2012/08/13 In the current issue 2012/09 of German Beat magazine there is a new SampleRobot 4 review by Marco Meller. We are glad that he has good things to report. Here you can read a few quotes from the review.

"SampleRobot still is the agent of choice for auto-sampling and looping."

"No other application is comparably comfortable and has such a reliability finding loop points."

"When fine-tuning loops you get fantastic support from WaveRobot. Just drag loop points with the mouse or create new ones in a jiffy."

"When is comes to small budget Multi-X und Single-X versions are highly interesting."

"Value for money: 6 out of 6"

"Alternatives: None"


WaveRobot 4 released - for Mac OS X, too

  2012/05/05 Finally: From now on new WaveRobot 4 is available from the SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP. For the first time all Apple OS X users can benefit from this comfortable editor which delivers best results also without SampleRobot.
If you edit your own loops and work for example with Ableton's live you can't get around WaveRobot. With WaveRobot you will create perfect loops. The different loop modes and crossfades give you a lot of creative freedom to shape the loops to your needs. You can do things that cannot be done with any other application available. It doen't matter how complex your loops get, with the clever rendering you will always be compatible with all other audio applications.



Launch of new Website

  2012/04/26 We are glad that our new website is now online. Many thanks to Thore Ganz at prae-sense for design and implementation.
And that's not nearly all. Look forward to next week!

New SampleRobot 4 Demo Versions available

2012/02/01 You can find the current Demo versions of SampleRobot 4 Pro and SampleRobot 4 Multi-X + WaveRobot as free downloads in the SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP. After installation the Demos open the Project Wizard which offers an easy start for your own sampling projects. If you miss SampleRobot 4 Single-X Demo you should have a look at SampleRobot 4 Multi-X Demo which differs from Single-X only in the functions Instrument Copier and multiple export formats. Have a good time trying out the Demos!

SampleRobot 4 Review in KEYS Magazine

2012/01/06 In the February issue of German KEYS magazine you can read a comprehensive review of the SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite. Author Lars Bohn of KEYS magazine had a closer look at the current version. We are glad about the review. Here are a few quotes:

"With the SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite German-based company SKYLIFE comes to the aid of all sampling enthusiasts better than ever."

"Working with the Sampling Suite bestows an immense time saving on all multi-sample creators. Thereby the software is convincing because of many practical features and automation possibilities."

"To automate many laborious production steps is the speciality of this software. Thereby the sampling of MIDI sound sources is extremely handy."

"The function 'Instrument Copier' is a highlight; SampleRobot changes via MIDI program changes the sounds one after another to sample complex sound banks automatically, which can then be exported in one go. Ideally you only need to establish the communication between SampleRobot and the instrument. Then SampleRobot 'sucks out' all the sounds."

Conclusion of KEYS review:

+ automatic sampling
+ intelligent loop recognition
+ functions for manual loop adjustment
+ many export formats


SampleRobot 4 Multi-X and Single-X released

2011/09/29 For only $ 49 SampleRobot 4 Single-X offers a lot of sophisticated sampling features of the big Sampling Suite. Compared to the Multi-X version there is only one export format available which can be selected when purchasing. SampleRobot 4 Multi-X can be combined with convenient editor WaveRobot. The bundle is available for only $ 129.

SampleRobot 4 Multi-X offers all advantages of the Single-X version expanded to all export formats from the big Sampling Suite. The price of SampleRobot 4 Multi-X is $ 129 and including WaveRobot $ 199.


SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite now available

2011/09/01 SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite in now available at the SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP for 399 USD. Also SampleRobot 4 Pro has been released now. The price for this product alternative is 349 USD. You can purchase it here.

You will find a product comparison chart and a feature list here.







Sampling Suite Release

2011/08/05 Here is good news: SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite will be released in the week from the 22nd of August till the 28th.




SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite contains the following products:
SampleRobot 4
WaveRobot 4

Camel Audio Alchemy Player 1.2
Awave Studio 10.4
More than 1 GB of premium samples in Soundfont 2 file format

With the Sampling Suite you can easily do automatic sampling of acoustic and electronic instruments. Remote control your MIDI gear and sample all sound nuances fully automatically. Seamless integrated WaveRobot software lets you find perfect loop points even for whole multi-samples with different velocity layers during recording. It was never easier to build professional sounding software instruments!

Import older sampler formats like Ensoniq, Kurzweil, Roland and Yamaha or even use original AKAI S1000 series CDs with Awave Studio and export them with SampleRobot to various software sampler formats. Or send new multi-samples back to your old hardware. With the new Sampling Suite you can do it all. If you like, you can convert about 290 audio file formats.

Alchemy Player is a powerful sampling synthesizer that offers a broad range of high end effects and sample playback features. With the newly created Alchemy Export Bridge you can export samples from SampleRobot directly to Alchemy and Alchemy Player. Play and shape instruments and samples instantly within your favorite DAW both on Mac and PC.

SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite comes with new export options like "Export all Projects at once" and "Export to Waldorf Blofeld". SampleRobot and WaveRobot are optimized for Windows 7 and offer better Win7 performance than previous versions.

Here are the key features of SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite:

+ Turn acoustic and electronic instruments, voices and noises into virtual instruments fast
+ Fully automated sampling
+ Intuitive project assistant
+ Sophisticated auto-loop processing and editing
+ Alchemy Export Bridge
+ Sampling of virtual instruments
+ Direct sample playback on Mac and PC, edit effects, modulation and envelopes
+ Convert about 290 audio and multi-sample formats
+ Import formats like AKAI S1000, MPC, Kurzweil K2xxx, Roland S, Ensoniq and MIDI Sample Dump
+ Extract samples from sampling CDs
+ Audio batch processing, auto-loop for all, resampling, normalizing, gaining, fading
+ Export samples directly to Steinberg HALion 4, Logic Pro EXS24, NI Kontakt 4, Reason NN-XT, Waldorf Blofeld, Soundfont2 and many others
+ Import and export for Yamaha Tyros 2+3, Motif XS+XF
+ Full MIDI remote control, incl. program and bank changes, multi-velocity layering
+ Release-Sample editing
+ Optimum loop handling incl. forward-backward loop with 2 independent crossfades and auto-gain functionality
+ Sample and export whole synthesizer sound bank in one go (equipment copier)
+ Premium multi-samples from classic synthesizers included

SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite works with Windows XP / Vista / 7 and also under Bootcamp and Parallels Desktop for Mac on Intel Macintosh Computers.
Camel Audio Alchemy Player works with Windows XP / Vista / 7 and Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.


SampleRobot 4: New Product Line

2011/06/24 SKYLIFE announces the upcoming release of new SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite. With the Sampling Suite everybody who is into sampling will get a complete software package to master all sampling challenges elegantly and fast. Therefore the Sampling Suite offers a comprehensive and sophisticated set of tools for instrument mapping and export, auto sampling, MIDI remote control, format conversion, batch and auto loop processing, sample playback and synthesis. It was never easier to build sample-based instruments on a professional top-quality level. And you can play them instantly.

SampleRobot 4 will be available in different feature variations.

SampleRobot 4 Sampling Suite is the new top-of-the-line full feature product for professional sample library developers and semiprofessional sampling enthusiasts.

SampleRobot 4 Pro replaces SampleRobot 3 and is appropriate for music producers and sound designers who are in search for sampling software with focus on sample mapping, auto sampling, MIDI remote control, batch and auto-loop processing.

SampleRobot 4 Multi-X offers a lot of new features of SampleRobot 4 Pro as a reasonably priced alternative. Multi-X stands for multi export. All multi-sample export formats of the Sampling Suite are supported. This product replaces the previous SampleRobot Essentials series.

SampleRobot 4 Single-X is a completely new and for all musicians and producers affordable basic version of the well-known sampling software. SampleRobot Single-X supports only one multi-sample export format which can be freely selected by the user.

A comprehensive overview and a program feature comparison chart will follow shortly.

2011/05/25 We are glad that Luca Pilla, editor in chief of Italy's Computer Music Studio magazin, and his colleague Riccardo Gerbi sent us the current SampleRobot review from issue 05/2011. We are allowed to publish it here.

You can read the review in Italian language here.

Here are some short quotes from the translation: "The real forces of SampleRobot are the work flow, the power of impact of the results and the wizard which guides you through the complex settings with just a few mouse clicks."

"At the end of the test we even did not have to edit the recorded multi-samples because all loop and crossfade points were set ideally from the software for the usage."

"SampleRobot together with WaveRobot can really support the sound designer who always dreamt of a database of personal timbres."

"The idea to create a new set of timbres either from VSTis or synths is of importance for everybody."


New Review on

2011/04/20 Recently Leigh Wilbraham and his team at took a closer look at the latest version of SampleRobot.

"A superb product and a joy to use." summarizes Leigh. "The clever way it handles the sounds means you are not left needing to loop samples or do any hard work, this software does everything for you ... We have spent a number of weeks testing this software and where most have problems or crash just when you are doing something important, SampleRobot is 100% reliable." SampleRobot scores 10 out of 10. Here you can read the full review online.


Mission Paradise

2010/12/20 Mission Paradise is a new full feature length documentary about people from places all over the world trying to find answers to the question where on earth the Paradise could be found. The music for this documentary was composed by Christian Halten who used SampleRobot extensively for the production of the score. Spring drums, glass chimes, ocean drums, indian bells and other ethnic instruments were sampled in fine detail with SampleRobot enriching the musical vocabulary to fit the fascinating imagery.


Here is a short synopsis from IMDB: The film will be both a travelogue and the personal diary of the authors. This documentary will take the form of an unconventional, incongruous quest, for the Garden of Eden, a possible paradise on earth... but it will also take up the investigation from its source in order to try to understand both the force of this universal myth and its permanence.


Mission Paradise was broadcasted on Arte TV in France and Germany on December, 26th 2010. Follow this link for more information (in French). 






New Demo Versions as a direct Download

2010/11/25 From now on you can download the new Demo version of SampleRobot directly without having to register. The new Demo version starts with the Project Wizard which allows professional sampling in a simple and easy to follow way.

SampleRobot 3 Demo

You would like to be informed about SKYLIFE special offers and news? Just send an email with the subject "NEWS" to contact[at]



New Educational Versions for Students and Teachers / Interview with Luc Bonnet

2010/06/22 Are you a student or a teacher? With our new Educational Program we offer you special rebate conditions for SampleRobot and WaveRobot products. If you are interested please send an email with the topic "Educational Version" to contact[at]



We are glad that Hollywood score mixer and recording engineer Luc Bonnet, who worked on blockbusters like Angels & Demons and Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, talked with us about sampling. He uses SampleRobot to create custom sampled instruments for the soundtracks he is working on.


Can you talk a little bit about your background? How did you become a Hollywood score mixer?

My background is really the music business: Band recordings, album and CD productions. I was planning on being a recording engineer/producer in a major studio in the UK or the US. I then met Henning Lohner, who is an accomplished filmmaker and film music composer. We started working together and I subsequently ended up engineering and producing film scores for Henning and several other individuals at Remote Control in Santa Monica. Henning was in a way the one who introduced me to the film music world and made it possible for me to see a career in this particular business.

Can you give a short introduction of how sampling is used in modern film music productions?

The modern film composition is relying heavily on samples and would in a way not exist to this extent without it. There is hardly a film music production these days without samples and even if the final product is an entirely "organic orchestra" - the layouts and the entire pre-production is always done with samples. The great thing about samples and sampling in general is that it gives you an incredible flexibility. Also the immediate feedback is something that no one wants to work without anymore. The fact that one can produce an entire orchestral score and listen to it, without actually having to record the orchestra is phenomenal.

There are people that rely entirely on pre-recorded and manufactured sound libraries and although you can get a great variety of sounds you will always lack a certain amount of individualism. The moment that samples and sampling get really interesting is when you start making your own sounds. Some composers really take the opportunity and develop new libraries for every movie. It's like a cook experimenting with new vegetables and spices when he is creating a new menu. One can always eat the pre-cooked and manufactured tomato soup and although it does not necessarily taste bad, it will never be an identifiable signature dish for your restaurant or you as a cook.

How did SampleRobot influence the way you are working with sampling?

SampleRobot allows you to create these individual sound libraries without having the cost and man power usually associated with them, a reason why most of them are made by large companies or corporations. Since SampleRobot everybody who has a microphone, a computer and a creative brain can make his/her own sampling library with ease. The process has become much less technical and one is able to focus a lot more on the creative and the designing aspects.
Personally I would love to see native Mac compatibility for SampleRobot.

And the future of sampling?

I think the future will hold a lot in store for us. We will definitely see more open source and interchangeable libraries. Like-minded people all over the world will share their own sounds even more over Internet platforms, forums and the like. Also I am convinced that programs like SampleRobot will be in every studio in the world. Anybody that wants to develop his/her own sound will have one of those.
We are already at a point where the average listener is not able to tell the difference between a well produced sample score and an orchestra. The reason that I am saying "well produced" is that the programming of samples is as much of an art as playing an instrument is. One needs to be able to really know what he/she is doing in order to get good results with samples.

Thank you very much for this interview. [Imagery: Thanks to Pete "Oso" Snell]


A new SampleRobot review can be found on the web portal Buenasideas (available in German only). Please follow this link to read it.


New SampleRobot Video from

2010/06/18 Joe from shows you how easy it is to sample virtual instruments with SampleRobot. Here you can find his report with video tutorial. Thanks Joe!
Sampling virtual instruments has many advantages. You can use sounds of virtual instruments that are licensed for 1 or 2 computers on as many computers as you want. You just load them up quickly on any machine without any time-consuming new software installation. Furthermore you can turn CPU-hungry plug-ins into performance lightweights. Joe solves sampling of virtual instruments elegantly with the virtual MIDI cable LoopBe and the Creative Sound Blaster X-FI Go USB which can record the playback stream of any audio application. For more information about sampling virtual instruments see chapter "Recording" on page 87-89 in the SampleRobot Operation Manual.


Mobile Sampling / New SampleRobot 3.09 Downloads / Musikmesse 2010

2010/03/03 Rekord M is the new mobile audio recorder from ESI Audiotechnik. This little handy guy is optimally appropriate to any live sampling purposes. Equipped with 4GB internal memory, integrated stereo microphone and monitor speaker you can record everywhere and anytime. Together with SampleRobot you can turn your recordings into directly playable virtual instruments for MAC and PC.

Also good news for all users of SampleRobot 3, SampleRobot 3 Essentials and WaveRobot 3: You can download the new program versions 3.09 free of charge immediately from the User-Support-Area. The current versions offer new import functionality for waveformat-extensible files and also lots of optimizations and enhancements. Here is an overview. 

If you would like to check out all product news or if you have any questions regarding SampleRobot or WaveRobot please visit us at the Musikmesse 2010 in Frankfurt am Main, 2010/03/24-03/27. We are looking forward to meet you at ESI Audiotechnik's booth no. C77 in hall 5.1!

Happy New Year / SampleRobot 3.08 / Quote Loopmasters

We wish you a very Happy New Year 2010.

2010/01/06 SKYLIFE releases the new version 3.08 of all SampleRobot and WaveRobot products. For users of version 3 these updates are free of charge and will be provided soon. New features include the support of waveformat extensible, optimized ASIO integration (V2.2), revised export modules and many improvements in detail. You can check out the new demo versions 3.08 directly in the SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP.

We are glad that Paul Willard, product manager of the world-famous "sample boutique" Loopmasters in Brighton, England, wrote us some lines about his work with SampleRobot:

“The sampling process in SampleRobot really is so simple with a choice of ready to go presets, or if you prefer create your own complex multi velocity layers. Once you set up the sound and midi it’s just a case of hit the button and sit back and relax. SampleRobot does all the hard work for you in minutes, leaving you with ready to play patches for your sampler with little or no editing required.

The auto loop function is great for finding those tricky to find loop points and the results can be seamless.

I have to hold my hands up to the guys at SKYLIFE as SampleRobot has saved me so much time creating Sample Patches from scratch that I’m now off to EBay to buy some more vintage synths.”

Paul Willard, Product Manager Loopmasters


New Collaboration / Messe Report / Synthesizer Magazine Review

2009/06/11 Rumours were afloat that there might be a collaboration of Yellow Tools and SKYLIFE. Indeed, it is true. For future releases SKYLIFE will use the software sampler Independence Player which works perfectly together with SampleRobot and which provides the user with extensive sound shaping functions. That way you can integrate the upcoming SampleRobot instruments into all common recording applications.

At this year's Musikmesse in Frankfurt / Main there was a buzz of activity around SampleRobot at the booth of ESI Audiotechnik. Apart from a live sampling session including some vintage treasures, the demonstrator Holger Steinbrink could convince quite a few prospective customers of the new sampling possibilities. Subsequently there are some impressions. Here you can find a demonstration video (in German language) from last year's Messe.





Author Stefan Heinrichs from the German Synthesizer Magazine comes up with some pleasing test results for SampleRobot in issue 13 (March/April 2009). Thanks to editor in chief Andreas Michel for providing us with the review. You can read it here (in German language).

Here are some quotes from the review:

"Private users and travelling musicians are able to sound-copy their favourite instruments with SampleRobot. ... Gear that is only used rarely in the studio, but you cannot let go because of some special sounds, it can now be copied extensively and multifariously. Then there should not be a reason for keeping it any longer."

"The automatic functions for the loop section are still unbeaten in this software segment. They deliver nearly always good results."

"The recoding and automation of MIDI data is ingeniously implemented."

"After the sampling process you can export the multi-samples. For this reason SampleRobot 3 supports almost all available software samplers (MachFive, Logic EXS 24, Halion, Reason NN-XT etc.) and also hardware samplers that can import standard WAV files. ... This offers professional sound designers a broad business segment."


SampleRobot at Musikmesse 2009

2009/03/30 Again it is Musikmesse time in Frankfurt (Main), Germany. The fair will be held from 2009/04/01 till 2009/04/04. 

We would like to invite you to visit us at ESI Audiotechnik's booth (no. B57 in Hall 5.1). The SampleRobot team will give you a few surprises. We don't want to break the secret, but here is a hint:

There you will receive some take-away vintage synthesizers - Thank you, Mr. Roboto! 

We are looking forward to meet you there!


New Reviews / Wanted The best Multi-Sample

2009/02/20 Do you have self-sampled sounds, that are inventive, expressive and deserve better than hiding on your hard drive? Then this is your chance: The German Synthesizer-Magazin is in search for the best Multi-Sample. There are no limits, everything can be sampled. Enter the competition till 2009/03/15 and win the brand new SampleRobot Producer Pack! Good luck!

A new SampleRobot 3 review is available on the web portal (in German). Here are some quotes from the conclusion of Thorsten Walter's review:
"Unrivalled easy creation of Multi-Samples"
"Sophisticated workflow and good concept"
"Good Auto-Loop function"

Furthermore SampleRobot 3 received the "Recommendation of the editorial stuff" award from the German Beat magazine (issue 02/2009).


 SampleRobot Producer Pack now available / NAMM Show

2008/12/29 The brand-new SampleRobot Producer Pack is now available at your local musical instrument / studio dealer. The Producer Pack is recommended for all users that would like to use the advantages of SampleRobot in conjunction with the innovative audio and MIDI hardware from ESI. The interfaces included in the SampleRobot Producer Pack are ultra small-sized (ideal for laptop usage) and offer uncompromisingly professional quality. The Producer Pack contains the following single products at an unbeatable package price:

+ SKYLIFE SampleRobot 3
+ SKYLIFE WaveRobot 3
+ Cakewalk Dimension LE Software Sampler
+ ESI U24 XL USB Audio Interface
+ ESI RoMI/O II USB MIDI Interface
+ More than 1 gigabyte premium samples taken from vintage synthesizers in SF2 format

For more information about the SampleRobot Producer Pack you can visit us at ESI Audiotechnik's booth at the NAMM Show 2009 from January 15th till 18th (booth #6832) in Anaheim, California. We are looking forward to meet you there!
If you would like to receive more details about prices, delivery times and participating dealers please contact support[at]samplerobot[.]com.


SampleRobot clones Church Organ / Audiosurfer

2008/09/15 We are glad to report that SampleRobot was recently used to automatically digitize a church organ. This sampling session was realized together with the Institute for Music and Media at the University of Music Düsseldorf.

Everything about this Virtual Church Organ project can be found on the new audio-surfer website. audio-surfer will provide a digital database for sampled instruments in the future.

But how "real" sounds the virtual church organ? You can form your own opinion by listening to the following audio examples. You will hear the sampled church organ (not the real one) played on a laptop computer inside Cubase via HALion.

Frescobaldi - Toccata per elevatione

Registration: Gemshorn 8'

Registration: Bordun 16', Principal 8', Gemshorn 8', Weitoctave 4', Hohe Trompete 4'

Registration: Vox Coelistis, Viola


New Releases / Website & Shop / Partner Link

2008/07/06 Again it is about time to report good news from SampleRobot.

First of all: Now all SampleRobots are available in version 3.01. SampleRobot 3 Essentials is a high-performance base version for all sampling purposes. For loop editing WaveRobot 3 is the first choice. Of course, you can download all applications as demo versions from the SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP.

Check out SampleRobot 3, SampleRobot 3 Essentials and WaveRobot 3 here:
SampleRobot 3 Demo
SampleRobot 3 Essentials + WaveRobot Demo
WaveRobot 3 Demo

Without registration you can download SampleRobot 3 Essentials + WaveRobot Demo from here. 

You might have noticed that the appearance of the SampleRobot website has changed. The complete design has been adapted to SampleRobot 3. It offers a clear view and new functions regarding the newly structured SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP. Now you can choose from different currencies like EURUSD, GBP and CHF for your payment.

Please follow this link to order the current SampleRobot and WaveRobot products online. 
If you are interested in ordering a packaged version, talk to ESI Audio's international distributors.

SKYLIFE offers all administrators of audio websites a special service. Include partner links to SampleRobot products on your website and benefit from online sales. If you are interested please send an email with the subject "SampleRobot Partner Link" to: contact[at]samplerobot[dot]com


Review / Messe Report / Manuals

2008/04/19 In the current issue 05/08 of German KEYS magazine author Thomas Loop takes a closer look at SampleRobot 3.
Here are some quotes from the KEYS review:
"SampleRobot 3 is convincing."
"It is a powerful tool for musicians and studio professionals who are often creating sample-based instruments. The invenstment already pays off during the first sampling session when SampleRobot saves time and nerves."

"+ Amount of features"
"+ Very good loop editor"

Have you been to Frankfurt to visit the Musikmesse?
Here is a link to a short video report from the show (unfortunately only available in German). Holger Steinbrink is demonstrating some of the new features of SampleRobot 3. Thanks to Hans Joerg Bordin (Musotalk) for the video report.

The current SampleRobot 3 manual is now available in English and German version. You will find a new "Ultra Quick Start" tutorial in there as well as detailed and practical descriptions of all new features.

The operation manuals are available as download for free:

SampleRobot 3 Operation Manual [PDF, 11.8 MB]
SampleRobot 3 Bedienhandbuch [PDF, 10.8 MB]


SampleRobot 3 available / Musikmesse

2008/03/05 We have good news. SampleRobot 3 is now available. You can order it for USD 419,- from the SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP. The download contains the latest program version as well as installers for Cakewalk's Dimension LE software sampler for Windows XP and Mac OS X. Furthermore all SampleRobot 3 users have access to more than 1 GB of multi-sampled audio content from famous synthesizers from A like Akai VX-600 to Y like Yamaha CS-01 via download.

We would like to invite you to visit us at Musikmesse in Frankfurt,Germany, from March 12th - 15th, 2008 at ESI Audiotechnik's booth (B55-57 in hall 5.1). There you can have a closer look at the new features. The SampleRobot team will be there to answer your questions. We are looking forward seeing you there!

Here you will find more information about SampleRobot 3: 

New Features of SampleRobot 3
SampleRobot Main Functionality
Sophisticated Features of SampleRobot
Cakewalk Dimension LE Features
SampleRobot Import and Export Formats
SampleRobot / WaveRobot / Dimension LE System Requirements


SampleRobot 3 Special Pre-Order Offer

2008/02/10 On the left side you see the new SampleRobot 2008 brochure. You will find all important information about SampleRobot 3 and some quotes from various magazines in there. If you are interested in purchasing SampleRobot 3 or an upgrade, we have a special offer for you. If you buy SampleRobot V2.5 now (USD 399), you will receive a free upgrade to SampleRobot 3 (USD 420) as soon as it is officially available at the end of February 2008.

Please follow one of the links below to take advantage of this special offer:

For new Users:
Order SampleRobot V2.5 incl. free Upgrade to SampleRobot 3 (You save USD 20)
For SampleRobot V1.x or V2.x Users:
Pre-Order Upgrade to SampleRobot 3 (You save USD 30)
For SampleRobot Essentials / WaveRobot Users:
Order Crossgrade to SampleRobot V2.5 incl. free Upgrade to SampleRobot 3 (You save USD 20)

For new Users who would like to order SampleRobot Essentials:
Order SampleRobot V2.5 Essentials incl. free Upgrade to SampleRobot 3 Essentials (You save up to USD 25)
For new Users who would like to order WaveRobot:
Order WaveRobot V2.5 incl. free Upgrade to WaveRobot 3 (You save USD 14)

This is a limited time offer till 2008/03/01.

All users who bought a SampleRobot product after 2008/01/01 are allowed to upgrade to the dedicated version 3 product for free as soon as it is officially available.

Here are the new MSRPs:

SampleRobot 3: USD 420
SampleRobot 3 Essentials: USD 160
SampleRobot 3 Essentials+WaveRobot: USD 230
WaveRobot 3: USD 110

Upgrade from SampleRobot V1.x or V2.x: USD 140


Happy New Year / SampleRobot 3 / NAMM Show

2008/01/03 We wish you a Happy New Year 2008! Here are some good news for you: For the first time SampleRobot 3 will be publicly presented at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, from the 17th to the 20th of January 2008. You are very welcome to visit us at ESI Audiotechnik's booth no. 6832 in hall A.
After a longer period of development, SampleRobot 3 is now ready for musicians and sound designers that are in need for a creative all-in-one sampling and sample playback solution.

With SampleRobot 3 you can create your own virtual musical instruments as well as sound and loop libraries very easily. SampleRobot 3 offers cutting-edge sampling technology. It includes Cakewalk’s Dimension LE software sampler, which is connected via a clever export bridge: SampleRobot’s exports automatically show up in the preset-browser of Dimension LE and can be played instantly as virtual instruments in any VST-host environment. Building high quality instruments was never easier. SampleRobot 3 also contains WaveRobot 3, the professional loop editing audioware.

Have a look at the new features of SampleRobot 3 in detail: 

  •  VST + AU Software Sampler included: Cakewalk Dimension LE
    Now you are able to play your created instruments right away in your favourite sequencer environment. The software sampler Cakewalk Dimension LE is included in the SampleRobot 3 installation package. Dimension LE offers a lot of interesting features to polish your sounds like high quality filters and effects. Up to 4 Multi-Samples can be combined in one Dimension LE program. Create your own instrumental library and compose with your individual samples and instruments!

  •  Clever Export Bridge
    SampleRobot exports all samples (incl. mapping, release-samples and crossfades) directly to the preset list of Dimension LE. You have instant access to the sounds and can play them right away in your VST / AU host. Everything is managed fully automatically without manual browsing or importing samples.

  •  WaveRobot 3
    Whenever you need to find smooth loop transitions in a sample, WaveRobot 3 will do the job for you. And it can do a lot more. High speed waveform graphics combined with sophisticated editing functions and loop searching algorithms are the key features to create high quality instruments fast. WaveRobot works on a Multi-Sample level and it can auto-loop lots of samples in one go.

  •  Graphical Loop Overlay in WaveRobot
    Wouldn't it be great to see how the regions around the loop points in a sample match each other when you move the loop markers? WaveRobot 3 can overlay the dedicated regions in all zoom settings. Create smooth loops with ease!

  •  Autogain Crossfades
    Some samples are really hard to loop. Mostly it is because of phase problems in the crossfade area causing the sound to gain or to drop volume. SampleRobot 3 comes with newly developed Autogain crossfades that can compensate phase problems and optimize the level in the crossfade area.

  •  Graphical Adjustment of Sample Ranges
    Now the range for each sample can be adjusted manually using the new Key-Sample Range Selectors. Mapping samples is now a lot more flexible.

  •  Project Wizard
    If you have never sampled an instrument, do not worry! SampleRobot can do it for you. The Project Wizard guides you step by step to get professional samples.

  •  Project Auto Loader
    From now on you can specify sampling projects that you would like to load automatically at program start.

  •  Autoload Sample into WaveRobot / NLR
    Multi-Samples can get very complex. With the new Autoload function of SampleRobot 3 you will never lose the overview. Just by rolling the mouse pointer over SampleRobot's Virtual Keyboard the dedicated samples will be loaded automatically into WaveRobot or into the Note/Loop/Release-Editor one after another. SampleRobot can show the samples so fast that you can really browse your samples by waveform. Of course, all zoom settings are stored for each sample individually.

  •  Semi-transparent Key-Info Window
    Another feature that is extremely useful when you are creating complex Multi-Samples is the Key-Info overlay window. When you roll the mouse pointer over Key-Samples on SampleRobot's Virtual Keyboard it will display all important information about this sample immediately, like in SampleRobot 3 newly available key name, sampling rate, bits per sample, channels, size, length, loop and release information.

  •  New Export Formats
    The new export format Cakewalk Dimension (*.prog) was added to the export menu. The export bridge can be used with Cakewalk's Dimension LE and also Dimension Pro software sampler. SampleRobot recognizes if Dimension LE or Pro is installed and offers the dedicated export options. Another new export format is: Wav (loop only). In this case all exported samples will only contain the loop. This option is ideal if you would like to work with your samples in loop-based sequencers like Ableton's Live.

  •  Adjustable Micro-Fades
    SampleRobot 3 has a new export option that can render micro-fades into all exported samples at Note-In and Note-Out as well as Release-In and Release-Out. This function helps to avoid clicks and pops and can make attack transients smoother.

  •  Optional Import of Sound Names during Wav Drag & Drop
  •  Naming of Takes in semi-automatic Recording Mode
  •  Selectable Background Graphics
  •  Including several Demo Projects and Tutorials
  •  Including premium Multi-Samples (more than 1080 MB)
  •  Including virtual Instruments in Dimension LE Format
  •  Optimized User Interface
  •  Optimized Path and Data Handling
  •  Optimized "Auto-Note for all" Transient Recognition
  •  Optimized Normalize Dialogue
  •  Many more Improvements


    SampleRobot Cakewalk Special Edition & Review

    2007/11/18 We are glad to announce that due to a special agreement with Cakewalk, SampleRobot is now also available as Cakewalk Special Edition, which includes all award-winning functions with the workflow being tailored for Cakewalk. SampleRobot Cakewalk Special Edition can be ordered as download version via Cakewalk's Project5 website. The retail version of SampleRobot (standard edition) can be ordered via ESI Audio.

    SampleRobot Version 2.5 has been reviewed by Paul "Triple-P" Evans from Wusikstation Magazine (Issue October 2007). Here are some quotations:

    "Impressed probably isn't the word. SKYLIFE designed a sampler that is scarily perfect. I enjoy using all products I get the opportunity to review. I am not amazed by them all though. SKYLIFE has made a product that leaves me in awe."

    "Interestingly, WaveRobot's graphic engine is based on video game technology. This in turn makes it operate very fast. Not to mention, it looks really good, too. It is better than any other sample editors I have used for sure."

    "The interface is very user-friendly. All tools are right in front of you on a compact screen that is dead-easy to navigate."

    "I think it is the most intelligently designed sampler I have ever used."

    Please follow this link to read the full review (PDF, 342 KB). Many thanks to Paul Evans and WilliamK from!


    New SampleRobot Animation

    2007/08/18 A new SampleRobot animation is available online. CG artist Eric Mootz shows us the evolutionary history of SampleRobot - as an abridgement. Music and sound were created at SKYLIFE studio. Composer Christian Halten used only sampled-and-edited-by-SampleRobot sounds for the soundtrack of this animation. Some of the sounds derive from the SampleRobot Premium Samples: Game Sound Effects. The video file is about 2 MB in size, format is Windows Media Video. Have fun!


    SampleRobot Version 2.50 released

    2007/07/11 SampleRobot clones real musical instruments and turns them into software instruments automatically. With the new generation 2.50 of award-winning audio software SKYLIFE SampleRobot it is now even easier and faster to clone musical instruments. Amongst new functions like the Project Wizard the audio engine has been optimized. Furthermore SampleRobot now supports all common software samplers directly from the export menu. Last but least there are new high quality instrumental sounds in SoundFont2 format included.

    Create individual sample libraries in a jiffy!

    If you like to test the new possibilities of version 2.50 you should download the dedicated demo version 2.50. Even if you have already downloaded an earlier version it is highly recommended to download the newest version since the ease of use is highly increased by the Project Wizard.

    SampleRobot Version 2.50 Demo [Upload 2007/07/10]
    SampleRobot Version 2.50 Essentials + WaveRobot Demo [Upload 2007/07/10]
    WaveRobot Version 2.50 Demo [Upload 2007/07/10]

    Here you can order the full version downloads.

    Version 2 users of SampleRobot, SampleRobot Essentials and WaveRobot can upgrade to version 2.50 free of charge.

    Which new functions come with version 2.50?

  •  Project Wizard
    The Project Wizard helps the user to create complex sampling projects very easily. New users can record their instruments fast without having to read the operation manual. Also experienced users will benefit from the Project Wizard since it logically combines several operation steps and makes creation of projects a lot easier and faster than before.

  •  Audio Engine
    From now on it is possible to record audio from an input with dedicated ASIO driver in all bit depths: 8, 16 and 24 bit. Earlier versions only supported the native ASIO driver resolution which is very often 24 bit. The user can now use all sound cards with ASIO drivers to record in 16 bit. Also, now 24 bit samples can be played with all cards and drivers. It is possible to combine several different audio drivers in one project. The multiple-driver architecture of SampleRobot makes big sampling projects with a lot of different I/Os and sound card drivers a lot easier to handle.

  •  Optimized Export Formats
    All common software sampler formats are now supported in the Import/Export menu. With version 2.50 the user can export instruments directly to Apple's Logic Pro EXS 24 (*.sf2), Tascam Gigastudio (*.wav), Emu Emulator X (*.wav), Yellow Tools Independence (*.sf2) and NI Kontakt (*.sf2).

  •  New Premium SF2 Instruments
    After installing SampleRobot, SampleRobot Essentials and WaveRobot the user will receive download tokens for direct access to the SKYLIFE online premium instruments database. By loading the SoundFont2 files into a software sampler the user can revive classic synthesizers like the Akai VX600, Alesis Andromeda, Hartmann Neuron, Korg Sigma, Roland SH-101 and Oberheim Xpander. More than 400 MB of instrumental samples is included in WaveRobot and more than 800 MB in SampleRobot Essentials. SampleRobot provides even more than one Gigabyte of premium instruments.

  •  Quick Help: WaveRobot
    Beginners and advanced users will benefit from the new short manual that was added to WaveRobot’s help menu. It contains a description of all keyboard shortcuts and editing operations.

  •  WaveRobot Operation Manual
    The comprehensive WaveRobot operation manual (author: Holger Steinbrink) is now completed. It is available in English and in German language.

  •  Many more improvements

    For more information please read the SKYLIFE Press Information from July 11th, 2007.

    Here you find a complete version history for all products:

    SampleRobot_Version History 2.50 [TXT, Upload 2007/07/10]
    SampleRobot Essentials Version History 2.50 [TXT, Upload 2007/07/10]
    WaveRobot Version History 2.50 [TXT, Upload 2007/07/10]

    New Tutorials Site

    If you would like to know more about the practical aspects of SampleRobot and WaveRobot you will find helpful and easy to follow videos and practical examples on the new Tutorials site.


    How to clone a Church Organ / SampleRobot Review

    2007/04/22 Under the leadership of professor Hans-Joachim Haas from the Institute for Music and Media at the University of Music Duesseldorf a research team has set itself the ambitious target to authentically transfer a church organ into the digital domain as a software instrument. The virtual instrument clone shall be playable via software sampler. The recording sessions took place last Monday and Tuesday in the church St. Peter and Paul in Ratingen near Duesseldorf. The acoustic properties of the church are fantastic and the organ with the 2688 pipes with up to 5 meters in size creates an ideal voluminous sound field. Hi-tech highest quality equipment was used to capture all sound nuances of the direct sound as well as the room signal. Therefore Schoeps microphones were directly connected to two RME Micstasy racks including MADI interfaces to distribute the audio signals to several computers. The core for the recordings was SampleRobot. Interestingly St. Peter and Paul's church organ supports MIDI. So the complete recording process could be remote controlled via SampleRobot. All recordings were done fully automatically. Without MIDI the church organ could have been semi-automatically recorded with SampleRobot.

    Here are some pictures from the recording session in Ratingen:







    New SampleRobot Review

    2007/04/22 You can read about SampleRobot V2.40 in the current issue 107 (April 2007) of Netherlands' music magazine Interface. Allard Krijger reviewed the latest version. He also had a closer look at the new features of WaveRobot. Here is a quotation from his summary: "The concept is ingenious and it also works in practice."

    On the enclosed magazine-CD there are over 250 MB of high quality Multi-Samples in SoundFont2 format included, recorded from the famous synthesizer Waldorf Microwave XT. For the creation of this premium content SampleRobot was used exclusively.


    Musikmesse Retrospection 

    2007/04/21 At ESI Audiotechnik´s booth the SampleRobot demonstration station was always under siege. That must have been the good coffee that you could get there. For the first time you could see the packaged versions of SampleRobot V2.40, SampleRobot Essentials and WaveRobot. The worldwide shipping via ESI Audiotechnik has already started.

    Here you can find some impressions from Musikmesse 2007:




    If you speek German you should check out the Musotalk video and audio podcast recorded at Musikmesse 2007. There you can find out something about upcoming SampleRobot V2.5. Have fun!


    New Demo Versions / Musikmesse

    2007/03/21 New demo versions 2.41 of all SKYLIFE software products are now available. In the previous demo version 2.40 it could happen that the program was terminated shortly after program start because a file was missing in the installer package. This issue only occured with demo version 2.40 and it has been fixed in version 2.41.

    Please download the new demo versions from here after login to the SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP:
    SKYLIFE SampleRobot V2.41 Demo
    SKYLIFE SampleRobot Essentials + WaveRobot V2.41 Demo
    SKYLIFE WaveRobot V2.41 Demo

    Musikmesse 2007

    Of course you are very welcome to see for yourself our high quality software products at Musikmesse 2007, Frankfurt Germany. You are invited to visit us from March 28th to 31st at our booth # B63 in hall 5.1. We are looking forward to seeing you there! You can even bring your instruments and we will start a live sampling session at our booth!

    SampleRobot Product Brochure 2007

    [SampleRobot Brochure 2007 Inside, PDF, 8.01 MB]
    [SampleRobot Brochure 2007 Outside, PDF, 3.34 MB]

    2007/03/21 Just in time for Musikmesse our new SampleRobot Product Brochure 2007 is now available. In advance you can have a look here online. See you at Musikmesse 2007 in Frankfurt, Germany!


    Packaged Robots / Press News

    2007/03/10 Packaged Robots are shipping

    The complete SampleRobot product line is now shipping. Shortly the following retail boxes will be available at your local musical instruments and studio equipment dealer: 

    SampleRobot Version 2.40
    SampleRobot Essentials Version 2.40

    SampleRobot and WaveRobot offer unique functions to sample acoustic and electronic instruments fast and comfortably. So you can transfer real musical instruments very easily to the digital domain and then play them with any available software sampler. Worldwide shipping of the retail boxes is provided by ESI Audiotechnik GmbH.

    Read more on this in the current SKYLIFE press information.

    Press News

    Furthermore there comes good news from Italy: Again SampleRobot and WaveRobot made it to the front cover of Italy's magazine Digital Music. In the main story "La Fabbrica dei Loop: The loop factory" you can read how easy it is to get perfect results with WaveRobot. Have a look at the SampleRobot review of Digital Music here (in Italian).

    Here is a quotation from the review: "The program (SampleRobot) is an extremly innovative instrument, useful for all those who would like to establish themselves in the field of sound design, and also for those who would like to create a personal sound library by digitizing their whole instrument arsenal: synthesizers, workstations, expanders and virtual instruments." Many thanks to Maurizio Sirangelo and Guglielmo Mollo of Digital Music.

    The SampleRobot review (V1.57) from Sound On Sound magazine is now accessible online. You can read John Walden's extensive review here online.

    Here are some quotations:
    "Sample Robot is a very clever application..."
    "First, while you forgo some of the automatic elements of the process, the Sample Robot interface provides a well organised environment for multisampling real instruments, which is great for those who really do like a genuine DIY approach to sampling."
    "Exporting Projects to HALion also proved very straightforward."
    "Sampling an acoustic instrument is, of course, a somewhat more labour-intensive task, but Sample Robot does make this task a whole lot easier than it would be using a conventional audio recording and editing application. Finally, I was also impressed by the 'Import Single Sound Library' function."

    + Generally very easy to use.
    + Can save a huge amount of time when sampling from scratch.
    + Capable of excellent results.

    "If you are a dedicated DIY sample creator, then SampleRobot might just change your life - it's a real 'Swiss Army knife' for creating sampled versions of hardware synths."


    SampleRobot V2.40 Box in Production

    2007/02/07 After very successfully presenting SampleRobot and WaveRobot at the NAMM Show new SampleRobot Box (Installer Version 2.40, containing WaveRobot) is to be released shortly. Not only the package is new. On the enclosed installation DVD there is over 1080 MB of high quality multi-sampled content taken from famous synthesizers in Soundfont2 format. So it is possible to recreate those legends with almost every software sampler. All sounds can be played 100% authentically without compromises. That is because SampleRobot was used to create identical virtual copies of the original sound machines in best sound resolution and dynamics. Furthermore new SampleRobot package contains a comprehensive, fully printed version 2.40 operation manual. With a lot of love for detail the author Holger Steinbrink describes all the fantastic possibilities of SampleRobot and WaveRobot from a practical point of view. It is fun to read the manual!

    New SampleRobot Box is distributed by ESI Audiotechnik GmbH and the dedicated international distributors. If you are a dealer or distributor you can send an inquiry by contacting support "at"

    Author Heiner Kruse from Austria's drum & bass magazine "resident" reviewed SampleRobot and WaveRobot. He sees SampleRobot as a "One-For-All sampling application" and as a "longterm professional solution" for all sampling purposes. If you speak German you can read the review here online.


    Meet our Robots at the NAMM Show 2007

    2007/01/05 Happy New Year! If you plan to visit the NAMM Show in Anaheim, Los Angeles [from 18th of January 2007 till 21st of January], please add the following booth number to your schedule: #6832 [ESI Audiotechnik]. You are very welcome to experience the latest version of SampleRobot and also brand new WaveRobot. Furthermore you have the chance to talk to the SKYLIFE developers directly. If you like bring your synths or other instruments that you would like to sample. We will start a live sampling session on our booth then, so that you can take the sampled instrument back home on your USB stick. See you at the NAMM Show 2007, booth #6832!

    2007/01/06 No rise in prices for all SampleRobot and WaveRobot products
    From the first of January 2007 on, in Germany sales tax has been increased from 16% to 19%. All prices for SampleRobot and WaveRobot products in the SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP are not increased! We are glad to offer you attractive prices also in 2007. Additional product costs caused by the increase of sales tax in Germany are accepted by SKYLIFE because customer-oriented thinking is a basic part of our company philosophy.

    2007/01/13 New SampleRobot tutorial in Wusikstation magazine January 2007

    Wusikstation is a very interesting software-sampler/synthesizer. SampleRobot is able to feed Wusikstation directly with samples. In the new Wusik Sound Magazine there is a comprehensive SampleRobot tutorial which is now available on our website as well. Many thanks to WilliamK of and Autodafe. If you are interested in Wusikstation please check out this special Group-Buy offer.

    Here is a quotation from Autodafe's conclusion: "SampleRobot is a really revolutionary tool for the sound designers and the software-based sample-makers out there. It will certainly save hours of work needed to sample, loop and convert samples in different formats."


    WaveRobot and SampleRobot V2.40 released

    2006/12/19 SampleRobot V2.40 and WaveRobot are released!

    SKYLIFE WaveRobot is the new stand-alone software solution for professional and comfortable audio loop editing. For the first time WaveRobot combines all sophisticated loop editing features from SampleRobot® in a single program. When editing audio it is not always easy to find smooth loop points in a sample. But now WaveRobot helps to speed up and simplify this process enormously.

    Under the Headline “ADVANCED AUTO-LOOP PROCESSOR - Professional Loop Editing Audioware” WaveRobot includes many automatic functions to find very good loop results in wave files. A high speed graphic engine with full zoom functionality makes WaveRobot very comfortable software to work with. WaveRobot can be used independently or in conjunction with SampleRobot®, which adds batch functionality. Furthermore WaveRobot is equipped with interesting audio editing functions like automatic silence truncating and crossfade rendering. Due to the reasonable price WaveRobot can be recommended as a universal audio tool for loop editing. It should be part of every studio's basic configuration.

    Follow this link to purchase WaveRobot online:

    Here you will find the current demo version:
    WaveRobot Demo
    (Please refer to the chapter WaveRobot in the SampleRobot Operation Manual for explanations.)


    Special Deal on the Occasion of WaveRobot's Release

    2006/12/01 New software SKYLIFE WaveRobot for professional and comfortable audio loop editing is going to be released in a few days as a stand-alone version. For the first time WaveRobot combines all sophisticated loop editing features from SampleRobot in a single program. It includes many automatic functions to find the perfect loop in an audio sample. Furthermore WaveRobot is equipped with interesting audio editing functions like automatic silence truncating and crossfade rendering. Due to the reasonable price WaveRobot can be recommended as a universal audio tool for loop editing. It should be part of every studio's basic configuration.

    The release of WaveRobot will also bring good news for all SampleRobot users. New SampleRobot Version 2.40 includes for example special functions to edit loops tempo/beat-based.
    Please read the current Version History for more details.

    If you like to preliminarily test the new features of SampleRobot Version 2.40, you can download recently released SampleRobot Demo Version 2.30 by following this link.

    On the Occasion of upcoming WaveRobot's release we will offer in a few days a very special deal.
    For exactly 10 days there will be a 10% discount on following products from the SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP:

    SampleRobot Version 2.40
    SampleRobot Essentials Version 2.40
    Upgrades from SampleRobot V1.x to SampleRobot V2.40
    Cross-grades from SampleRobot Essentials to SampleRobot V2.40
    Cross-grades from WaveRobot to SampleRobot Essentials or SampleRobot Version 2.40

    Here is a short overview on SKYLIFE WaveRobot's main features:

  •  Professional Auto-Loop recognition and loop editing for wave files (incl. loop search and pattern markers for optimum results)
  •  Alternative Auto-Loop search results are directly accessible 
  •  Tempo-based and beat-based loop marker editing
  •  Automatic functions for truncating silence at the beginning and at the end of the waveform
  •  Comfortable editing: Fully scalable and zoomable editor window
  •  Ultra-fast waveform zooming and marker editing (even during playback)
  •  Graphical overlay of stereo left and right waveforms in realtime possible
  •  Autogain crossfades for optimum crossfade loops without volume-change during crossfade 
  •  Supports crossfade loops, forward-backward loops and combinations
  •  Intelligent zero-crossing functions
  •  WAV drag&drop functionality
  •  Audio format: WAV up to 24 Bit, 192 kHz 
  •  ASIO 2.1 and Windows WDM/MME compatible
  •  Loop/Crossfade/Release-Sample rendering


    SampleRobot Version 2.25 and SampleRobot Essentials Version 2.25 released

    2006/11/17 From now on all registered users of SampleRobot Version 2 and SampleRobot Essentials can download brand-new version 2.25, which is -of course- free of charge. This is a big update containing a lot of new professional sampling features, some of them can not be found anywhere else.

    If you should not own neither SampleRobot nor SampleRobot Essentials you should wait a few days with your purchase. Please check this site again soon. Do not miss our special!

    These are new features of SampleRobot V2.25 and SampleRobot Essentials V2.25:

    • Auto-Loop for all
    By using this function you can apply optimum loop settings intelligently from one sample to all other samples of a Multi-Sample or of a Project. This a batch operation for Auto-Loop processes.

    • Auto-Note for all
    This is a batch operation to truncate silence from all samples of a Multi-Sample or of a Project at the same time.

    • Wusikstation SND Format Export
    Users of the virtual instrument Wusikstation can now easily create content for the Wusikstation directly in SampleRobot and SampleRobot Essentials. Therefor the new Wusikstation export dialog was added. All sample mapping information will be transmitted automatically, so that you can play your SampleRobot instrument creation instantly with Wusikstation.

    • Tool Tips
    From now on function descriptions, tips and operation instructions can be displayed when moving the mouse pointer over buttons and other areas of SampleRobot's and SampleRobot Essentials' graphical user interface. This is a quick help function not only for beginners.

    • Key-Samples Rearrangement
    Now it is possible to move, copy and swap samples on the Virtual Keyboard of SampleRobot and SampleRobot Essentials simply with a drag&drop operation.

    • Remove Audio after Loop-Out
    This option has been added to all export format dialogs. It helps to keep samples' sizes small on your hard drive and also to save performance when loading Multi-Samples into your software sampler. When active, this function chops off all audio after the loop. This material would not be played anyway in most cases.

    • WaveRobot Waveform Zoom
    The maximum Y-axis waveform zoom has been increased by factor 20 allowing precise "microscopic" waveform edits.

    • Selectable Skins
    The appearance of SampleRobot's and SampleRobot Essentials' graphical user interface can now be modified by the user. At the moment there are 2 different skins available.

    • Optimized ASIO support
    New features have been added to SampleRobot's and SampleRobot Essentials' audio engine to extend the support for various audio interfaces.

    • Render Loop only
    This function is designed to export only the loops of samples (including crossfade rendering), for example to use them in Ableton's Live.

    • Clean Selected Project / Clean selected Multi-Sample
    With the help of this operation you can free disc space by erasing samples that are either not selected or that are located outside the keyboard range.

    • Many more Improvements


    SampleRobot Operation Manual V2.25

    2006/10/25 Shortly before the release of SampleRobot Version 2.25 a new operation manual is online. Please download it from here:

    SampleRobot Operation Manual V2.25 [English Version, PDF, 3.45 MB]
    SampleRobot Bedienhandbuch V2.25 [German Version, PDF, 3.45 MB]



    SampleRobot Presentation in Waldorf, Germany

    2006/10/12 On the 15th of October Christian Halten, SKYLIFE managing director, will demonstrate the new SampleRobot version 2.25 features to the public for the first time. Meet the SampleRobot developers at audio-workshop´s open day in Waldorf, Germany. Interesting product presentations and workshops are part of the schedule. We are looking forward to see you in Waldorf near Cologne!

    Good news from the internet: The internet portal has published an extensive experience report on SampleRobot. If you speak German you can read it online here. Here are some quotations:

    "SampleRobot is completely unique. Everybody who does a lot of sampling should at least consider downloading the free demo version to assure oneself of the capabilities and of the steadiness."

    "SampleRobot is equipped with intelligence: It finds loop points automatically resulting in smooth loop transitions."

    "Don´t panic: SampleRobot operates really completely on its own. Only an electrical power outage can stop it."


    Back on Deck / SampleRobot 2.25

    2006/10/06 After a few days of web disconnection we are now back on deck again. Massive expansions of our web contents and new SampleRobot services made it necessary to change our internet provider. Good news for all SampleRobot and SampleRobot Essentials users: There will be the new version 2.25 available in a couple of days. As usual the update is free for all users of version 2.x. Please read the new SampleRobot_Version_History_V2_25 for a complete feature list.


    Hollywood News

    2006/09/19 In his studio in Santa Monica/Los Angeles Hollywood composer Henning Lohner uses SampleRobot and WaveRobot every day.

    "For my work as a film composer SampleRobot enables me to do things that could not have been realized before. Having the opportunity to create multi-samples easily from any available instrument and to make it playable via MIDI is a fantastic innovation! Lately I sampled a mad out-of-tune toy piano for a horror movie at lightning speed. The exported sounds from SampleRobot are 100% accurate compared to the original instrument and finally I have the ability to arrange everything conveniently with my sequencer. You save your real instrument to your hard drive, so to say.  Since I use SampleRobot my own sound library is rapidly growing day by day. For the recently completed movie soundtrack "Firestorm" we recorded loads of vintage synthesizers with SampleRobot. So I could comfortably include them in the orchestration process. It is very important for my music that I can play all samples "virtuosoly". Since SampleRobot offers numerous automatic sampling functions and multi layer recording technics I would not like to miss it in my studio."

    Amongst others Henning Lohner worked closely together with John Cage, Frank Zappa, Brian Eno, Iannis Xenakis and Karlheinz Stockhausen. Furthermore he is a long time composer in Hans Zimmer´s team. Henning Lohner composed a lot of expressive soundtracks, e.g. for "The Ring Two". Apart from that he works as author and director, e.g for the movie "Dennis Hopper: Create (or Die)". Further information about Henning Lohner´s work can be found in the Internet Movie Data Base.


    SampleRobot Premium Samples Online Library

    2006/08/22 SKYLIFE introduces the SampleRobot Premium Samples online library. Starting with Game Sound Effects created on famous synthesizers like Roland SH-101 and Hartmann Neuron the new SampleRobot Premium Samples series offers unique and extraordinary sample resources for musicians and sound designers. The library is continuously growing and will cover special interest sounds for music and media production. Due to the possiblities of SampleRobot the SampleRobot Premium Samples library includes all sound nuances and dynamics of the original instruments. And, all sounds are instantly playable via common software samplers. The library is worldwide accessible online. Please have a look at our SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP, where you can find some demo samples from the Game Sound Effects series for free download.


    SampleRobot and WaveRobot go MacIntel

    2006/08/14 From now on SampleRobot and WaveRobot run on all Intel-based Apple Macintoshs. The user can decide if the programs shall be executed natively via Apple's Boot Camp software or via Parallels Desktop for Mac. Both alternatives were tested extensively by SKYLIFE. Now SampleRobot can be recommended as a reliable all-in-one sampling solution also for all Mac users.   



    SampleRobot Version 2 Online Review

    2006/08/14 Bjoern Morgenstern, author of Germany's online music magazin AMAZONA, put SampleRobot version 2 to the acid test. He certifies that SampleRobot and WaveRobot are big time and work savers with an excellent performance. Thank you very much! If you speak German you can read the review here online.


    New Collaborations

    2006/08/14 The Institute for Music and Media at the German University of Music Duesseldorf and SKYLIFE will collaborate on a research project about practical applications of SampleRobot. Studends of the institute will "clone" acoustic instruments via SampleRobot and turn them into software instruments. The duration of this research project will be about 6 months.


    SampleRobot and WaveRobot are also in use at Germany´s film academy Baden-Wuerttemberg. The programs are essential tools for the postgraduate studies at the department of film music and sound design. Furthermore there are various worldwide SampleRobot co-operations, e.g. with the London College of Music and Media and the Noroff Institute in Norway.


    Set the Benchmark

    2006/07/09 In the current issue 08 of German KEYS magazine author André Estermann writes in the title story about "Powersampling". He reviews SampleRobot version 2 and other "auto-sampling" software products. Furthermore readers will find an easy to follow tutorial on how to clone instruments with SampleRobot 2. We recommend the current issue of KEYS magazine if you are interested in sampling and if you speak German.

    We do not want to anticipate too much, but here is a short quotation: "In the new league of the intelligent power samplers SampleRobot still sets the benchmark."


    New SampleRobot Product Brochure forthcoming

    [SampleRobot Brochure 2006 Outside, PDF, 4.25 MB]
    [SampleRobot Brochure 2006 Inside, PDF, 2.43 MB]

    2006/06/01 New SampleRobot product brochure 2006 is now also available for download as PDF. Have a look at the outstanding features of SampleRobot, SampleRobot Essentials and WaveRobot!

    SampleRobot Essentials Advantages

    • High quality SampleRobot technology
    • Best value for money
    • Very easy to use
    • WaveRobot integration as an option
    • Cross-grade to SampleRobot possible at any time

    Which additional features offers SampleRobot compared to SampleRobot Essentials?

    • WaveRobot (available as an upgrade option for SampleRobot Essentials)
    • 24 bit resolution (SampleRobot Essentials supports 16 bit resolution and up to 192 kHz sampling rates)
    • MIDI monitor
    • MIDI controller support
    • Release-sample support
    • Function "Create Projects from Soundnames" (sample whole synthesizer bank in one go)


    SampleRobot Version 2 and SampleRobot Essentials now available

    2006/04/24 The following products are currently available and can be purchased online via our associated SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP:
    SampleRobot Version 2
    SampleRobot Essentials
    SampleRobot Essentials + WaveRobot
    Please read the product description of SampleRobot Essentials to find out more about the differences between SampleRobot and SampleRobot Essentials.

    For all SampleRobot users there are comprehensive upgrade possibilities.

    Furthermore you can find demo versions of the new products in the SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP.


    SampleRobot wins Innovation Award 2006 / Three new SKYLIFE Products

    2006/03/31 We are very glad to announce that the SampleRobot-team wins the Innovation Award 2006 of German KEYS magazine at Musikmesse Frankfurt. Thanks a thousand to all readers of KEYS awarding this important prize to us and supporting us with their engagement. In the category Innovation SampleRobot could prevail over other well-known products like Korg Oasys, Native Instruments Guitar Rig 2, Access Virus TI and DigitalMusicianNet.


    2006/04/06 SKYLIFE introduces three new products at Musikmesse Frankfurt.

    SampleRobot Version 2
    SKYLIFE releases a comprehensive update for the well-tried sampling software SampleRobot. A lot of new features based on customer wishes and feedbacks are included in new version 2. Furthermore the new WaveRobot software for professional loop editing is fully integrated. SampleRobot Version 2 comes with WaveRobot already included.

    SKYLIFE WaveRobot is the new stand-alone application for professional loop editing. WaveRobot finds optimum loop points in wave files automatically. A high speed graphic engine with full zoom functionality makes WaveRobot very comfortable software to work with. WaveRobot can be purchased independently as a stand-alone software. Users of SampleRobot Version 2 can work with WaveRobot immediately because it is already included.
    Here are screen shots of WaveRobot: WaveRobot1, WaveRobot2, WaveRobot3, WaveRobot4
    Please visit for details about WaveRobot.

    SampleRobot Essentials
    SKYLIFE SampleRobot Essentials offers a lot of professional auto-sampling features from its big brother SampleRobot at a reasonable price. The graphical interface is very easy to use. Beginners can archieve excellent results with just a few mouse clicks. SampleRobot Essentials can also be used in conjunction with WaveRobot as an option.



    SKYLIFE shows three new Products at Musikmesse in Frankfurt/Main

    2006/03/11 All SampleRobot users and all future users should consider visiting us at Musikmesse in Frankfurt/Germany. We will demonstrate impressively at ESI's booth how easy and fast it is to clone real instruments with brand-new SampleRobot Version 2.

    What's new in version 2? And what do the two other new products look like? Come and find out yourself! You are very welcome to meet us at Musikmesse from March 29th till April 1st at ESI's booth in hall 5.1 no. B63!


    SampleRobot in Sound On Sound Magazine

    2006/02/24 We are glad that John Walden, author of the SampleRobot review in Sound On Sound magazine (issue 03/2006), likes SampleRobot so much.

    Here are some quotations:
    "Sample Robot is a very clever application..."
    "First, while you forgo some of the automatic elements of the process, the Sample Robot interface provides a well organised environment for multisampling real instruments, which is great for those who really do like a genuine DIY approach to sampling."
    "Exporting Projects to HALion also proved very straightforward."
    "Sampling an acoustic instrument is, of course, a somewhat more labour-intensive task, but Sample Robot does make this task a whole lot easier than it would be using a conventional audio recording and editing application. Finally, I was also impressed by the 'Import Single Sound Library' function."

    + Generally very easy to use.
    + Can save a huge amount of time when sampling from scratch.
    + Capable of excellent results.

    "If you are a dedicated DIY sample creator, then SampleRobot might just change your life - it's a real 'Swiss Army knife' for creating sampled versions of hardware synths."

    You can read the article online after login to the Sound On Sound website here.


    SampleRobot earns the Title "Winner of the review"

    2006/02/17 Under the headline "Battle of the Sample-Robots" the author Christian Baum of Keyboards magazine (Issue 02/2006) sends out the software SKYLIFE SampleRobot, Redmatica AutoSampler and CDXtract Samplit to fight each other.

    SampleRobot wins the battle and earns the title "Winner of the review"!

    Here are some quotations about SampleRobot from the review:

    "Still unrivaled are the Auto-Loop-Features."

    "SampleRobot's functionality is nearly never restricted and it convinces with a practicable workflow."

    "Sophisticated concept with almost all editing options, a good manual and the developers' open ears let almost forget about that unfortunately this software is only available for PCs. Apart from that I would like to declare SampleRobot with a clear conscience as the winner of the review. It is the most flexible and comprehensive candidate in the battle of the Sample-Robots."


    + numerous useful functions
    + good export features
    + good operation manual


    SKYLIFE SampleRobot Box is shipping worldwide

    2006/02/02 After a very successful presentation at The NAMM Show we are glad to announce that SKYLIFE SampleRobot Box is now shipping wordwide. Here you will find a current pack shot. This packaged version of SampleRobot is internationally distributed by ESI (Ego Systems Inc.). Included on the SampleRobot installation CD there are the newest version of SampleRobot, all manuals and tutorials and furthermore over 650 MB directly playable clones of legendary synthesizers. A printed comprehensive operation manual in English and German completes the box.

    The MSRPs for the SKYLIFE SampleRobot Box:
    EU: 299 EUR (incl. VAT)
    UK: 199 GBP (incl. VAT)
    US and World: 299 USD (plus VAT)

    The download version of SampleRobot can be purchased online immediately via the SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP.

    If you did not have the chance to visit us at The NAMM Show you can start an interactive Flash demonstration now online to find out more about the concept and benefits of SampleRobot. Please use the next button in the movie to control the playback.


    SampleRobot at The NAMM Show in Anaheim/Los Angeles

    2006/01/02 Happy New Year!
    Everything you always wanted to know about SampleRobot but were afraid to ask: We are glad to invite you to join the SampleRobot developer-team at The NAMM Show in Anaheim/Los Angeles from January 19th to 22nd. Meet us at the ESI booth #6830!


    Classic electronic Instruments Giveaways

    2005/12/07 Are you still searching for the right Christmas present (for yourself)? Then this is possibly your chance. SKYLIFE gives away original sounds of the following classic synthesizers in digital form to all registered users of SampleRobot:

    Akai VX600
    Hartmann Neuron
    Korg MS-20
    Korg Sigma
    Oberheim Xpander
    Roland Jupiter-8
    Sequential Circuits Prophet-5
    Sequential Circuits ProphetVS
    Waldorf MicrowaveXT
    Yamaha CS01

    You should not miss over 650 MB in total directly playable premium instruments in SoundFont2 format.
    For downloading this way please.


    SampleRobot Version 1.53 Update

    2005/11/25 New SampleRobot version 1.53 is ready for download now. New features include enhanced ASIO functions and versatile sample conversion options for the export. Furthermore the Preset Manager has been optimized with very helpful features. Here you can find a detailed documentation of this update.


    SampleRobot Version 1.5 Download Available

    2005/10/23 After an extensive beta-test process SampleRobot Version 1.5 is now available as a free download for all registered users in the Support + Downloads area. The SKYLIFE team would like to thank all international users for the enormous feedback. Have fun with the new features!

    If you like to try version 1.5 before buying you have the ability to download new SampleRobot Demo version 1.5 in the SKYLIFE ONLINE SHOP for free. It is worth doing it!

    To purchase SampleRobot version 1.5 just follow this link to the SKYLIFE shop.


    SampleRobot Version 1.5

    2005/10/10 Not only registered users have a reason for delight: It's only a few days till SampleRobot's version 1.5 official release. This update offers many new functions and improvements. The best thing: It is free for all registered users. Here are some feature highlights:

    ASIO 2.1 support - Now you can use high quality ASIO drivers with SampleRobot to record and playback sounds at the best quality. This allows you to sample with up to 192 kHz and 24 bits depending on the audio hardware. All bit- and rate-formats in mono and stereo and also different audio-drivers can be mixed in one project offering vast flexibility.

    Sampling of virtual instruments - With version 1.5 you can sample virtual instruments running on the same computer at the same time. Therefor SampleRobot sends out MIDI-data via a virtual MIDI-cable and records the audio stream that is played by the virtual instrument. It was never easier to sample virtual instruments!

    Reason NN-XT export - At the request of many users SampleRobot now supports Reason's software sampler NN-XT. Just create your Projects and export them automatically mapped directly as NN-XT format. Projects that are created with a previous version of SampleRobot can now be loaded and exported easily to Reason's NN-XT, too.

    Preset manager - With new release version 1.50 there will be several sampling-presets for different instruments which can be loaded into SampleRobot. This helps to start quickly without having to know SampleRobot in detail. E.g.: Just load the preset "Piano" and click on "Rec" to sample your piano automatically. This is really easy. Of course you can create your own presets.

    Wave drag and drop fuctionality - Just drag one or more wave-files onto SampleRobot’s virtual keyboard. The samples will be imported and mapped automatically. SampleRobot can read the root-key information or extract the key from the filename.  If desired loop points are also imported.

    Scalable main window - If you were running SampleRobot on high screen resolutions (like 1600x1200) it was not really comfortable to work with it. This has changed in the new version, since the window can be fully scaled now. You will keep the overlook.

    Crossfade optimizations - We optimized the crossfade-functions in SampleRobot and added some new fade types. This section is substantially improved. The quality of the fades has been meliorated to create “non-audible” fades. Even with complicated loops now you can get very good results.

    MIDI optimizations - SampleRobot's MIDI engine is optimized in version 1.5 causing faster communication. This helps to avoid MIDI buffer overflows in older MIDI sound generators.


    SampleRobot in the Press

    2005/09/14 Now you can read the current SampleRobot review "ZEITMASCHINE FUER SOUND-DESIGNER" by André Estermann of German KEYS magazine online. Many thanks to André Estermann and the KEYS editorial stuff for making this review available online. Here are some short quotations from the resume:

    "SampleRobot is a tool that studio professionals who often create Multi-Samples cannot get around."
    "The time saving while creating complex Multi-Samples with several layers is really gigantic."
    SampleRobot in practise, review KEYS: ZEITMASCHINE FUER SOUNDDESIGNER (in German)

    In the current issue 10/2005 of Germany's Beat magazine you can read more about SampleRobot in a review by Stefan Molz. Here are two quotations:

    "It is really impressive how many workitems are combined in this software."
    "The price of the product is more than suitable."
    Stefan Molz rates SampleRobot with 5 out of 6.

    Armin Kuester did a background interview about SampleRobot for the German PC & Musik magazin. You can read this interview online here:

    Interview SampleRobot: PC & Musik (in German)

    Last but not least there is an euphoric SampleRobot review, written by Dinos Vallianatos, in the September issue of Greece's Soundmaker magazine.

    We would like to thank all reviewers and publishers for their enthusiasm about SampleRobot.


    Oberheim Xpander Multi-Sample Demo free Download

    2005/09/02 Now you can find out yourself about the quality of SampleRobot's automatic multi-sampling engine. A monophonic sound from vintage classic Xpander synthesizer was sampled by SampleRobot. If you play this multi-sample with a software sampler polyphonically you will get an impression how good the Xpander sounds. SampleRobot captured all sound nuances and even the dynamics in the articulation. Load the following SF2-file into your software sampler and play the "Original":

    Oberheim Xpander Dynamite SF2 [RAR, 18.03 MB, Upload 2005/09/02]

    For all SampleRobot users (including demo version) here is a download link to the original SampleRobot Project with all single samples of the Oberheim Xpander available for testing. After program start please load the Xpander-Project and set the Project path in SampleRobot's "Project Settings" to the location of the samples on your hard disc. 

    Oberheim Xpander Dynamite Waves and SRprj [RAR, 25.54 MB, Upload 2005/09/02]


    New SampleRobot Reviews published

    2005/08/22 Once again SampleRobot has got fantastic ratings from press reviewers. Scot Solida from UK's Computer Music writes in the current issue SEPTEMBER 05 about SampleRobot: "SampleRobot is like the second engineer you always wished you had. We've seen other programs that work along similar lines, but none of them are as complete as this one."; "Using SampleRobot is, for the most part, a breeze."; "We captured a wicked bass sound from our trusty Moog Rogue synthesizer with no problems. It's also useful for recording instruments such as drums, guitars or just about any other acoustic source. Very useful indeed!"

    Scot Solida rates SampleRobot with 8 out of 10.

    In the current issue 05/2005 of PC & Musik SampleRobot is also receiving best ratings by reviewer Armin Kuester. He writes: "SampleRobot marks a quantum leap for the management of sampled audio material. Before SampleRobot it was not possible to transfer electronic and acoustic instruments into the digital domain and to create extensive sample libraries in such a short amount of time."


    Free SampleRobot Update to Version 1.32 available & Audio Examples from Italy

    2005/08/10 Shortly after the release of SampleRobot Demo version now all registered users of SampleRobot can enjoy the new and improved features of SampleRobot version 1.32. Among optimizations there are also new professionell normalize- and gain-functions included in the Edit menu. Now you can manage complex Multi-Sample level adjustments with ease. All Samples in a project can be edited at the same time. This link guides you to the SampleRobot update.

    2005/08/10 Do you want to know how a Yamaha grand piano G2F sounds as a software instrument sampled semi-automatically by SampleRobot? Then check out these audio examples:

    DM_Piano_Jazzdemo [MP3, 320 kbps, 2.57 MB]

    DM_Piano_Solodemo [MP3, 320 kbps, 2.55 MB]

    The grand piano has been sampled chromatically in 4 velocities. Many thanks to Guglielmo Mollo who is responsible for this fabulous work. Readers of the Italian magazine Digital Music can look forward to the next issue. The virtual grand piano will be included on the magazine's CD for free! Also many thanks to Maurizio Sirangelo of Digital Music in Italy.


    SampleRobot Demo Version 1.32 available as free Download & New Flash-Tutorial uploaded

    2005/07/08 Everybody is invited. For the first time you can download a free Demo version of SampleRobot in the SKYLIFE-Shop. Please choose "Add to Cart", then "Checkout" and create a new customer account. Please follow the instructions on the site. You will receive your download-link to SampleRobot Demo version 1.32 immediately. To download SampleRobot Demo free of charge click here.

    2005/07/11 The new Getting Startet Tutorial is an interactive step by step guide for new users of SampleRobot. If you do not have the time to read manuals here is the perfect way to get started. The Tutorial is available here [ZIP,3.55 MB].


    SampleRobot Reviews

    2005/06/29 The first German reviews of SampleRobot have been published and we are glad to receive such positive feedback.

    A very detailed review from the German online magazine Amazona by Bjoern Morgenstern can be found here.

    Read more about SampleRobot in KEYS magazine review by André Estermann starting on page 30 in the August issue. On the dedicated KEYS CD there are also some playable SampleRobot-instruments included with multi-samples of Akai VX600, Oberheim Xpander, Roland Jupiter-8, Roland System 100 and Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 in SoundFont2 format.

    In issue 08.05 of KEYBOARDS magazine SampleRobot was reviewed by Bjoern Bojahr (see page 34).


    English Preliminary Operation Manual and Online Registration

    2005/06/03 From now on you can register and automatically receive your Response-Code in the new User-Support-Area. Follow this link for Login.

    A new complete English Preliminary Manual can be found here [ZIP, 3.10 MB].


    SampleRobot Version 1.1 is available as a free Update

    2005/05/16 Just a few weeks after the release of SampleRobot the new version 1.1 is now available for download featuring advanced semi-automatic recording and many improvements in detail. Please visit our Support + Downloads page.


    SampleRobot attracted a lot of international Interest at the Musikmesse

    2005/03/14 We are glad that the presentation of SampleRobot at the Musikmesse Frankfurt created a lot of positive feedback. The software received a huge acceptance by international visitors.

    If you haven't had the chance to see us at the Musikmesse you will find a short video presentation of SampleRobot on this site in the near future. Furthermore you can download the product brochure as a PDF from the Press Service site.

    A new feature can be found in the release version of SampleRobot. A new and universal loop-finder now sets optimal loop points while recording automatically. Of course the user can search for alternative loop points for each sample. The acoustic results are excellent. Audio examples will be available soon.

    Another brand new feature in SampleRobot is the freely zoomable waveform window, where editing is comfortable, fast and effective. Automatic functions can be combined with manual editing to get best results. Sampling was never easier!


    SampleRobot at Musikmesse 2005 in Frankfurt am Main

    If you like to find out more about the brand new audio software SampleRobot you have the ability to see it from the 6th of April till the 9th at the Musikmesse Frankfurt. You are very welcome to visit us in hall 5.1 at booth C47 (RIDI MULTIMEDIA / ESI). We are looking forward to see you in Frankfurt!



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